Until All Have Heard Podcast

This is a weekly 20-minute audio program with FEBC President Ed Cannon and host Wayne Shepherd. Together they will engage in conversation that gives behind the scenes details on the work of FEBC and how this ministry is meeting the challenges in an ever-changing world. There will be interviews with ministry staff, friends and stories from FEBC listeners telling how the Gospel has changed their lives. Our prayer is this program will encourage the friends and family of FEBC to stay faithful to Christ and become bold proclaimers of God’s word.

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A Joy To Share (Ep 11)

FEBC staff member Mehm Tun Thein gives us an up-close look at the work with the Mon people group in Southeast Asia and how this predominately Buddhist community is responding to the Gospel…Until All Have Heard.  

A Heart of Gratitude (Ep 10)

In this edition we’ll sample some of the amazing stories of “thanksgiving” from FEBC listeners in difficult places at difficult times. Learn from their examples—and scripture’s example—the importance of developing a heart overflowing with thankfulness…Until All Have Heard.  

A Joy To Serve (Ep 9)

Jonathan Mortiz always says, “It’s my joy to serve.” Originally from the Philippines, Jonathan oversees our broadcast ministry to the remote regions of Thailand. In this episode, Ed and Wayne give you an up-close look at dedicated servants like Jonathan who invest their lives proclaiming the Gospel…Until All Have Heard.  

The Future of FEBC (Ep 8)

In this episode, we invite you to an insider conversation about the future of FEBC. Ed has some great stories of local staff who have modeled a level of commitment that have shaped his understanding of what the next generation of broadcaster will look like. What you’re about to hear will stir up a passion to step out for Christ …

Hunger for the Word (Ep 7)

As we head into the Holiday season of feasting, Ed and Wayne spotlight a man with a true hunger for God’s Word. This epic story is based on several letters sent to FEBC over the years. It starts with a humble request, and leads to a change of heart and a community that overcomes obstacles for following Jesus. – Until …

75 Years on Mission (Ep 6)

In this edition Ed and Wayne invite you to get inside and inspect the details about FEBC. We’ll start with the original vision of our founders Dr. Bob Bowman and John Broger. You’ll find out the location of “Christian Radio City”, the importance of “13 years, 25 days,” and discover who said, “I don’t have one American dime.”  And along …

Losing Everything (Ep 5)

What does it take to reach the Muslim world for Christ? Learn from the story of a man in Pakistan who lost everything when he came to faith in Christ. The rich joy in his heart is a testimony to the world that following Christ is worth the cost. In this edition Ed and Wayne discuss why the message of …

Special Report: Unrest In Kyrgyzstan (Ep 4)

In this special report, Ed and Wayne welcome Rudy Wiens (FEBC’s Central Asia Director) to discuss the breaking news of political and social unrest in a little-known nation that’s caught the world’s attention. In the face of protests and violence, the people of Kyrgyzstan are gripped by fear and desperately need to hear the hope of Christ. Be informed on how to …

Dedicated to the Mission (Ep 3)

Ed shares a story from Russia about Eugene—a fearlessly dedicated FEBC broadcaster with over 7 million followers on social media. Despite his on-air popularity, he lives a humble life with his family in a tiny WWII-era apartment, where his family has to eat in shifts because they don’t even have enough silverware to eat all together.  

Lessons from Suffering (Ep 2)

Director of FEBC Russia and Ukraine, Victor Akhterov, joins the podcast to talk about what it was like growing up as a Christian in Communist Ukraine. He details his father’s experience of persecution, and the sacrifice it takes to serve Jesus in a Soviet regime.  

Behind the Scenes (Ep 1)

Welcome to the “Until All Have Heard” podcast! In this introductory episode, our president Ed Cannon shares how God called him to join FEBC, and we hear from a listener whose family has listened for 75 years!