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This is a weekly 20-minute audio program with FEBC President Ed Cannon and host Wayne Shepherd. Together they will engage in conversation that gives behind the scenes details on the work of FEBC and how this ministry is meeting the challenges in an ever-changing world. There will be interviews with ministry staff, friends and stories from FEBC listeners telling how the Gospel has changed their lives. Our prayer is this program will encourage the friends and family of FEBC to stay faithful to Christ and become bold proclaimers of God’s word.

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A Shared Vision (Ep. 51)

How can we make the most of these turbulent times? Hear Ed and Wayne talk about this with the President of the Moody Bible Institute, Dr. Mark Jobe. You’ll experience the joy of these good friends discussing the way FEBC and MBI have a shared vision for making the most of the opportunities they have to proclaim the Gospel. Be …

Eye on the Mission (Ep. 50)

In this conversation we’ll go deep about ways God has prepared Ed to serve in the role of FEBC president. Then we’ll hear about an international Zoom staff meeting and the importance of keeping on mission. You’ll want your Bible in hand as Ed and Wayne explore several passages that underpin the vision behind FEBC’s radio ministry. You won’t want …

Lesson from a Life Journey (Ep. 49)

Have you faced obstacles when you were following the Lord? Ed and Wayne talk with a FEBC board member Bonnie Ho who has an amazing story to tell. Hear Bonnie detail the twists and turns in her journey with FEBC, and about her work now as Principle with the Pui Tak Christian School in Chicago. Get an up-close perspective on …

COVID Report (Ep. 48)

COVID fatigue is plaguing the U.S. But around the world the pandemic is raging and it has the full attention of millions.  Join Ed and Wayne as they talk through the needs and stories of what is going on areas where the battle continues with the virus. Throughout this edition Ed will share insights from God’s word that address the …

Zoom Ministry to the Hmong (Ep. 47)

During the Covid-19 crisis, two FEBC Thailand broadcasters came up with an innovative way to stay connected with their listeners despite being socially distant—Bible Studies done virtually over Zoom! Recently Ed sat down with Pastor Yung and Phairot to hear more of the incredible stories of how they serve God and proclaim the Gospel in remote, mountainous areas of Thailand …

Opportunity Time (Ep. 46)

A Mongolian cab driver calls us to not be silent about our faith in Christ. Ed and Wayne react to this amazing story of conversion, commitment, and courage from an FEBC listener. Be open, God could use this conversation to stir you to raise your voice about the life-changing message of Jesus…Until All Have Heard. You can also check out …

Imagining Redemption (Ep. 45)

The world’s best athletes are gathered in Tokyo to compete before a global audience. This week, as we think about the sports we hold in common, let’s take a minute to consider the way our belief in Jesus binds people together in all nations. Join Ed and Wayne as we feature a parade of the redeemed. Find out how these …

Passages and Prayer (Ep. 44)

In this slower time of the year, how can we refresh our thinking and renew our vision for reaching the world? Ed and Wayne talk through some scripture passages that have caught Ed’s attention over this slower time of summer.  Along with Bible-based insights, you’ll hear some encouraging stories that will help you pray for FEBC broadcasters who tirelessly proclaim …

Real Life Radio (Ep. 43)

What does it take to draw in listeners who are overwhelmed with bad news and spiritual darkness?  We’ll find out as Victor Akhterov, our Ministry Director for Eurasia, stops by the studio. Victor shares how FEBC is reaching out to women in very hard circumstances through the voices and stories of our women broadcasters…Until All Have Heard. You can also …

Pandemic Report (Ep. 42)

COVID cases in the US are dropping and so are restrictions. But what is true in America is not the experience for many around the world. Listen as Ed and Wayne talk about the continued challenges of the global pandemic and how FEBC is actively sharing the hope of Christ. We’ll feature some listeners stories and point out how you …

A Joy to Serve (Ep. 41)

“It’s my joy to serve.” Is this your attitude when asked to do a challenging task? Ed and Wayne talk with a FEBC staff member who says and lives out this statement. Find out for yourself as we go deep into the life and work of Jonathan Mortiz…Until All Have Heard.

An End and a Beginning (Ep. 40)

What a year it’s been! Conflict, Crisis and COVID has gripped the world.  But in all this uncertainty, there has been a great openness to the Gospel. Ed and Wayne talk about the challenges of 2020 and how FEBC is planning to keep on track for the years to come as we end this fiscal year.  Along the way learn …

Understanding the Times (Ep. 39)

“We live by promises, not explanations”, shares Dr. Erwin Lutzer, author of the new book, “We Will Not Be Silenced”.  Ed and Wayne talk with Dr. Lutzer about how we all can stay faithful to the Gospel even when secular culture creates opposition. We’ll explore the teachings of Jesus, the experience of the Apostle Paul, and more…Until All Have Heard.

A Cross Culture (Ep. 38)

Listen in as Dr. Michael Rydelnik and Ed talk about the life-changing message of Christ that spans across every culture. You’ll learn how a love for the lost is vital to opening a closed heart. Get ready for a fast-paced conversation that will embolden you to love well and speak confidently…Until All Have Heard.

A Day to Remember (Ep. 37)

Memorial Day marks a time to honor those who have sacrificed for the nation. But is also a time to remember those who have left a lasting legacy in our lives.  We’ll get to do that as Ed talks with our Russia ministries director Victor Ahkterov about the story of his father. We’ll learn about his sacrifice for the gospel …

Anchored in God’s Word (Ep. 36)

What would you be willing to give up in order to hold on to your faith? Join us as Ed continues his conversation with Pastor Mike Fabarez about the eternal foundation of the scriptures in hard times. We’ll hear how the solid truth in the Bible anchors believers around the world who face great opposition for their faith…Until All Have …

Anchored in Discipleship (Ep. 35)

Ed talks with Ministry partner Mike Fabarez on the shared vision Compass Bible Church and FEBC have for discipleship, ministry, and outreach. They discuss how the growth of the church is foundational for living out the Great Commission…Until All Have Heard.

The Frontlines of Change (Ep. 34)

What does radical transformation look like? We have an idea from our perspective, but what about lands where there is no Christian influence? Join Ed and Wayne as they discuss the way the Gospel message has the power to reach nations that have shocking cultural practices. Learn how to pray for people who need to hear the life changing message …

Prayer Target (Ep. 33)

What is the true power source for a broadcaster? Though our transmitters need electricity, there’s another power that moves through FEBC’s broadcasts. Listen as Ed and Wayne talk with Sandra Jensen about the spiritual pulse beat of our ministry. After this conversation you’ll want to click the “prayer” button on febc.org to be a part of our “Prayer Target” program…Until …

The Great Commission (Ep. 32)

What makes Jesus final instructions so hard to live out? Ed and Wayne open the word to Matthew 28 for a discussion of how we can practice this clear word from Jesus. We’ll be inspired by the example of people around the world who follow the “Great Commission” faithfully…Until All Have Heard.

War and Suffering in Eurasia (Ep. 31)

Ed talks with FEBC Russia ministries director Victor Akhterov about the realities of war, suffering and way Christ touches the deep human needs in Eurasia. In difficult circumstances the Gospel is taking root in ready hearts…Until All Have Heard.

The Year of Covid (Ep. 29)

What were you doing last year at this time? Like many around the world, FEBC listeners and staff were in COVID lockdown. During this extraordinary period of anxiety and sickness, FEBC continued to broadcast. Join Ed and Wayne as they look back and hear the way the hope of Christ brought peace to hurting souls in a pandemic…Until All Have …

Our Suffering Savior (Ep. 28)

Why is the suffering of Christ so important to remember during Holy Week? What can we learn from believers around the world who experience joy as they face extremely difficult circumstances?  Listen as Ed and Wayne talk about the connection our suffering Savior makes with a world of pain…Until All Have Heard.

Reaching North Korea (Ep. 27)

Ed and Wayne talk with Billy Kim, a man who has decades of ministry experience in South and North Korea. You’ll hear exciting news of how the people of North Korea now have access to the Gospel and other stories of God’s provision…Until All Have Heard.

Special Deliveries (Ep. 26)

What would it be like to bring the Gospel to a remote village that has never heard of Jesus? Find out as Ed talks with Mr. “N” who delivers radios to hard-to-reach communities, and just received a shipment of 6,000 radios. Get a first-hand report of how rural communities are being impacted through hearing the Word of God in their …

New Ways, Same Word (Ep. 25)

Passion, boldness, courage…what keeps these traits alive and well after 75 years of ministry? Hear about the life and legacy of FEBC founder, Dr. Bob Bowman and his urgency to share the Gospel…Until All Have Heard.   Podcast Transcript [Wayne]: This is “Until All Have Heard.” I’m Wayne Shepherd. I’m with Ed Cannon, the current president of the Far East …

Then and Now (Ep. 24)

What would it take to unlock faith for people in the social media age? Hear from long-time FEBC listeners from Russia and China who were enriched when they discovered new programs on their phones and computers…Until All Have Heard.   Podcast Transcript [Ed]: We’ve heard testimonies, Wayne, from listeners in Ukraine who say “I’m not a Christian. I’m not even …

Putting Feet to Our Faith (Ep. 23)

Ed continues his conversation with Luke Cheng, FEBC’s new Director of US Chinese Ministries. Together they’ll discuss what it means to “deny yourself”. We’ll see how this was demonstrated by followers of Christ at key moments in Luke’s spiritual journey…Until All Have Heard.   Podcast Transcript [Wayne]: …Last time on the podcast, we met Luke Chang who is our new …

A New Direction (Ep. 22)

“Come follow Me”, what would it look like to put those words of Jesus into action. Ed talks with Luke Chang to hear how God’s call has set his life in a new direction. Luke graduated with many degrees and was a successful software engineer with major corporations, but now serves as FEBC’s new Director of Chinese Ministries. Hear his …

Not Quiet Anymore (Ep. 21)

A Mongolian cab driver calls us to not be silent about our faith in Christ. Ed and Wayne react to this amazing story of conversion, commitment and courage from an FEBC listener…Until All Have Heard.  

Reflecting God’s Love (Ep 20)

Do we take the love of God for granted? What would happen if the reality of His love took hold of our hearts? Ed and Wayne share key passages exposing how the true nature of God’s love should be demonstrated in every part of our lives. See how this truth is put in action as FEBC shares the love of …

Hello, Teacher (Ep 19)

What can awaken an appetite for God’s word in a non-Christian nation? We’ll discover how FEBC works to satisfy the hunger of those seeking truth. Ed and Wayne will talk with Jonathan Mortiz, our staff member who will share responses from Thailand about the FEBC Bible Correspondence Course…Until All Have Heard.  

Unity in the Gospel (Ep 18)

Jesus’ prayer for unity in John 17 is a unique Christian commitment that unites diverse people groups around the world. With Bible in-hand, Ed and Wayne’s discuss Christ’s call to “love one another.” Have your heart refreshed with unity around the gospel…Until All Have Heard  

Promise for a Hurting World (Ep 17)

Hear stories of FEBC listeners who have trusted us to guide them through heartbreaking circumstances. Ed opens God’s word to several passages about the promise of hope and a challenge for all of us in times of severe pain. Gain an eternal perspective as we follow Christ in a hurting world…Until All Have Heard.  

Turning the Page (Ep 16)

Ed and Wayne discuss the lessons learned from facing COVID-19 in 2020 and the vision for following Christ in 2021.  Throughout the conversation Ed will share key passages that have been important for him as he prepares to step into a new year of ministry…Until All Have Heard.  

Hope for China (Ep 15)

Ed and Wayne discuss the major challenges of 2020 and how God guided FEBC through this difficult year. We’ll hear stories from around the world about life change through the Gospel. You won’t want to miss a powerful story how COVID-19 shaped the spiritual growth of a man in China.…Until All Have Heard. Podcast Transcript [Ed]…So many people, I think, …

The True Christmas Gift (Ep 14)

Join us for an FEBC Christmas celebration! We’ll get help from Pastor “T”, our staff member overseeing the work in Southeast Asia.  He’ll point out key elements of the Christmas story that connect with listeners in that part of the world who still do not know the hope of a savior…Until All Have Heard.  

Christmas in Russia (Ep 13)

Ed and Wayne welcome Victor Ahkterov, FEBC’s Russian ministry director back to the studio. Victor tells how the Biblical story of Christmas is shared in the unique cultures of Russia and Ukraine. These countries are struggling in the COVID-19 pandemic and Victor shares how celebrating the birth of a savior is so important in this fearful time…Until All Have Heard. …

A Global Birthday Celebration (Ep 12)

Ed and Wayne start off the Advent season discussing what “Merry Christmas” means around the world. We’ll talk about the significance of a “global birthday,” and Ed will talk about the story of Simeon and how Jesus coming to Earth offers the gift of salvation for all people. Enter into the true meaning for the season as we let the …

A Joy To Share (Ep 11)

FEBC staff member Mehm Tun Thein gives us an up-close look at the work with the Mon people group in Southeast Asia and how this predominately Buddhist community is responding to the Gospel…Until All Have Heard.  

A Heart of Gratitude (Ep 10)

In this edition we’ll sample some of the amazing stories of “thanksgiving” from FEBC listeners in difficult places at difficult times. Learn from their examples—and scripture’s example—the importance of developing a heart overflowing with thankfulness…Until All Have Heard.  

A Joy To Serve (Ep 9)

Jonathan Mortiz always says, “It’s my joy to serve.” Originally from the Philippines, Jonathan oversees our broadcast ministry to the remote regions of Thailand. In this episode, Ed and Wayne give you an up-close look at dedicated servants like Jonathan who invest their lives proclaiming the Gospel…Until All Have Heard.  

The Future of FEBC (Ep 8)

In this episode, we invite you to an insider conversation about the future of FEBC. Ed has some great stories of local staff who have modeled a level of commitment that have shaped his understanding of what the next generation of broadcaster will look like. What you’re about to hear will stir up a passion to step out for Christ …

Hunger for the Word (Ep 7)

As we head into the Holiday season of feasting, Ed and Wayne spotlight a man with a true hunger for God’s Word. This epic story is based on several letters sent to FEBC over the years. It starts with a humble request, and leads to a change of heart and a community that overcomes obstacles for following Jesus. – Until …

75 Years on Mission (Ep 6)

In this edition Ed and Wayne invite you to get inside and inspect the details about FEBC. We’ll start with the original vision of our founders Dr. Bob Bowman and John Broger. You’ll find out the location of “Christian Radio City”, the importance of “13 years, 25 days,” and discover who said, “I don’t have one American dime.”  And along …

Losing Everything (Ep 5)

What does it take to reach the Muslim world for Christ? Learn from the story of a man in Pakistan who lost everything when he came to faith in Christ. The rich joy in his heart is a testimony to the world that following Christ is worth the cost. In this edition Ed and Wayne discuss why the message of …

Special Report: Unrest In Kyrgyzstan (Ep 4)

In this special report, Ed and Wayne welcome Rudy Wiens (FEBC’s Central Asia Director) to discuss the breaking news of political and social unrest in a little-known nation that’s caught the world’s attention. In the face of protests and violence, the people of Kyrgyzstan are gripped by fear and desperately need to hear the hope of Christ. Be informed on how to …

Dedicated to the Mission (Ep 3)

Ed shares a story from Russia about Eugene—a fearlessly dedicated FEBC broadcaster with over 7 million followers on social media. Despite his on-air popularity, he lives a humble life with his family in a tiny WWII-era apartment, where his family has to eat in shifts because they don’t even have enough silverware to eat all together.  

Lessons from Suffering (Ep 2)

Director of FEBC Russia and Ukraine, Victor Akhterov, joins the podcast to talk about what it was like growing up as a Christian in Communist Ukraine. He details his father’s experience of persecution, and the sacrifice it takes to serve Jesus in a Soviet regime.  

Behind the Scenes (Ep 1)

Welcome to the “Until All Have Heard” podcast! In this introductory episode, our president Ed Cannon shares how God called him to join FEBC, and we hear from a listener whose family has listened for 75 years!