No Reason to Hide – with Dr. Erwin Lutzer (Ep. 123)

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How do we continue into 2023 with courage as committed followers of Christ? Joining us to help us prepare to face the challenges before us is our good friend Dr. Erwin Lutzer. Be ready to have your eyes opened and your heart challenged as we get a sample of the teaching from Dr. Lutzer’s new book “No Reason To Hide.” These are important days for Christians in our nation and around the world and you’ll want to hear how to engage culture with the power of God and the truth of His word… Until All Have Heard.

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  1. Although you write and talk about these things in relation to America the cultural issues of the present day are the same across the western world through the UN and WEF and Christian churches are the same worldwide. Being willing to stand on the truth of God’s Word is not common. I live in New Zealand and our society is proud of being progressive and promoting woke ideologies, our churches are weak and the teaching of the Word has become watered down or absent as ministers embrace ‘progressive’ Christian writers instead of the Bible. Thank you for your work exposing what lies beneath this ‘woke’ ideology.

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