A Celebration of the Gospel – with Franklin Graham and Mark Jobe (Ep. 146)

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Last month a celebration was held to mark the 50-year anniversary of Billy Graham preaching in-person to one million people. At the time, his translator was Billy Kim, who became the leader of the FEBC ministry in Korea. To mark the occasion, 60,000 people gathered in the national stadium to sing, pray, and hear the preaching of the Gospel by Franklin Graham. Ed and Wayne were able to attend this important occasion. In this episode we will get their first-hand report on what occurred and sample some of the sounds from this event. Hear part of Franklin Graham’s message, on-location recordings with Mark Jobe, the president of the Moody Bible Institute, and more. Don’t miss a chance to experience the joy of the Lord as we focus on the passion and purpose behind years of sharing the gospel in Korea… Until All Have Heard.


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