Living Prayer – with Dr. William Thrasher (Ep. 193)

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Have you become busy praying for the needs of the world, but have lost the expectation that God will answer? Let’s get an important spiritual check-up on our prayer life as Ed and Wayne welcome back our friend Dr. William Thrasher. Dr. Thrasher is a teacher and author of many books including “How to Resurrect a dead Prayer Life.” In this episode we’ll look to Paul’s prayer in the book of Ephesians for insights on how to rejuvenate a stale prayer life. As we do, Dr. Thrasher will share how he refreshed his hope in God by depending on the work of the Holy Spirit in his prayers. You’ll want your Bible in-hand for a challenging conversation that will equip you grow in your role as an intercessor for the spread of the Gospel…Until All Have Heard.

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