Special Report: Ukraine in Crisis (Ep. 74)

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The Ukraine-Russia conflict is dominating our news. What is the best way to pray in this time of crisis? Ed had an opportunity to talk with Victor Akhterov, FEBC’s director in Ukraine, Russia and Eurasia. With Victor’s personal knowledge and years of experience in this region he has keen insights we need to hear. At the time of this recording Ed and Victor answered the question, “What If Russia Attacks?” As they talked Victor gave us a perspective from the long history of conflict and personal toll these the current tensions are having on the Ukrainian people. Find out how to pray in this crisis as our FEBC broadcast team presents the gospel to people with deep emotional and spiritual needs…Until All Have Heard.

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  1. Father God,all powerful,all loving,all knowing please intervien supernaturally. Stop the killing,stop the invasion. I ask in Jesus name.
    Thank you,

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