What 6,000 Radios Look Like

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High up in the mountainous border regions of Thailand are some of the least-reached people groups in the world. Of the entire Thai population, 88% are still considered unreached (unlikely to hear the Gospel in their lifetime), while only 1% are Christian. Reached only by small dirt paths, barely wide enough for two lanes of foot traffic, reaching some of …

The Gospel for China (Ep. 30)

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Is the message of Christ still being heard in China? What are the obstacles and opportunities in these serious times? Ed talks with FEBC’s Chinese Ministries Director about the way the Gospel is reaching out to millions in China. The methods of outreach have changed over the decades, but the hope of Christ is still changing hearts…Until All Have Heard.

To Russia With Love

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When COVID-19 struck Russia in 2020, atheism offered no meaningful answers for a people who had lost their sense of personal safety and security amidst the economic and health crises. Searching for answers, large numbers of Russians began tuning their radios to faith-based programs. Many of them contacted FEBC Russia for the first time — a significant increase in call …

Reaching the Unreached

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There are certain places in the world—even entire countries—with so few Christians that they have a special status: Unreached. These are people who may live their entire lives never meeting a single Christian … right now, there are 3.2 billion of them. How are they going to hear what Jesus has done for them? Who is going to reach them? Your gift …

Rica Rahim’s Testimony

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In Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, Rica Rahim’s Christian friend stood out. He had “a life of peace” and was so happy—so at ease. Rica wanted to know why. Maybe it could help temper the anxiety and fear she felt stirring in herself… Rica’s story of finding Christ shows just how powerful one Christian witness can be, even in …

Ministering to Buddhists in Thailand

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Thailand has a saying which goes, “To be Thai, is to be Buddhist.” For many Thai people, their sense of cultural identity feels inseparable from Buddhism, and they’ve never questioned whether its teachings are true. That’s why it came as a great surprise when the principal of a respected public school in the Buddhist-dominant region of Nakhon Ratchasima invited an …