Latest Prayer Target

September 30th

Pray for the unreached people in Cambodia. Also, pray for our local programmers who regularly meet with listeners face-to-face. May the Cambodian people discover the one, true God and accept Jesus as their Savior.


Thank you for praying and interceding for FEBC listeners around the world. I’m so grateful for you!

Edward W. Cannon
President and CEO

“I came to know God while in prison. I thank the Lord that I got to study His Word (through listening to FEBC), teaching me hope and encouragement to keep on fighting as I wait for the day I receive my freedom.”

— Listener in Thailand

“Listening to FEBC fills me with joy! I feel the presence of God. I once thought I would be better off dead, but even then, FEBC was my guidepost and encouragement. So FEBC is my lifesaver!”

— Listener in Japan

“Please continue to send God’s Word. Your messages give us hope and they’ve led thousands to the Lord. No missionary can reach us in the mountains, but FEBC can! Your programs are very important. We wait for them daily.”

— Hmong Listener