Prayer for the Unreached (Ep. 55)

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Almost 3.5 billion people have yet to hear the Gospel. How can we make a dent in this staggering number? You’ll find out through a recent report from FEBC’s ministry at the recent “Sing” conference. Then Ed talks with long-time radio broadcaster Wayne Pederson about the current movement to share the Gospel will all who are Unreached…Until All Have Heard.

You can also check out our new COVID-19 International Prayer Guide. which will show how you can stand with our broadcasters and listeners in this critical time.

Ways You Can Pray for the Unreached

  • For the Church around the world to have God’s heart for the unreached
  • For God’s leading to know how to effectively reach the unreached
  • For spiritual breakthrough where there is resistance to the Gospel
  • For new believers in unreached areas to grow and mature in Christ
  • For new churches in unreached places to begin reaching their own people

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