Good News After the Storm – with Amos Siyabu (Ep. 137)

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On March 13, the longest-lasting and most powerful cyclone ever recorded hit Malawi and Mozambique. According to official sources, over 1,200 people lost their lives, but the death toll is likely much worse.

We sent out a montage of cell phone videos captured by FEBC’s on-the-ground broadcasters, showing the level of devastation and suffering.

Now, as recovery efforts continue, the director of FEBC’s ministry in Malawi, Amos Siyabu, shares the incredible stories of people coming to faith in Christ in the midst of this tragedy.

Updates on FEBC’s Stations in Malawi and Mozambique:

FEBC Malawi’s station (Litala FM) is located in the city of Blantyre and was not damaged due to the storm. However, cyclone Freddy caused, and is still causing, challenges for the station due to power outage blackouts. This should be improved soon, when new solar panels will be installed, which will provide enough energy for the FEBC Malawi team to broadcast 24/7 at the tower site.

FEBC Mozambique had 6 active stations before the storm—2 of which were damaged during the cyclone. Both are now provisionally back on the air, but one of them needs significant repairs in the long-term.


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