COVID Report (Ep. 48)

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COVID fatigue is plaguing the U.S. But around the world the pandemic is raging and it has the full attention of millions.  Join Ed and Wayne as they talk through the needs and stories of what is going on areas where the battle continues with the virus. Throughout this edition Ed will share insights from God’s word that address the …

Atheist Doctors Find Christ Through Covid-19

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A few months ago, FEBC Russia received the following testimony from a Russian doctor sharing how she and her medical team had been listening to Gospel programming in-between calls and shifts. She does not come from a Christian background but is moving closer to Jesus every day. It’s incredible to consider how God is touching the hearts of people in …

Parking-Lot Preaching in Indonesia

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In Indonesia, an extraordinarily creative way to meet with other believers for church services is occurring in a very unlikely place—a parking lot! In cooperation with local churches, FEBC Indonesia has harnessed the broadcasting power of its radio network to organize weekly drive-in church services. Families are now coming together to worship, listen to a live message on the radio, …

To Russia With Love

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When COVID-19 struck Russia in 2020, atheism offered no meaningful answers for a people who had lost their sense of personal safety and security amidst the economic and health crises. Searching for answers, large numbers of Russians began tuning their radios to faith-based programs. Many of them contacted FEBC Russia for the first time — a significant increase in call …

The Year of Covid (Ep. 29)

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What were you doing last year at this time? Like many around the world, FEBC listeners and staff were in COVID lockdown. During this extraordinary period of anxiety and sickness, FEBC continued to broadcast. Join Ed and Wayne as they look back and hear the way the hope of Christ brought peace to hurting souls in a pandemic…Until All Have …

Turning the Page (Ep 16)

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Ed and Wayne discuss the lessons learned from facing COVID-19 in 2020 and the vision for following Christ in 2021.  Throughout the conversation Ed will share key passages that have been important for him as he prepares to step into a new year of ministry…Until All Have Heard.  

Hope for China (Ep 15)

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Ed and Wayne discuss the major challenges of 2020 and how God guided FEBC through this difficult year. We’ll hear stories from around the world about life change through the Gospel. You won’t want to miss a powerful story how COVID-19 shaped the spiritual growth of a man in China.…Until All Have Heard. Podcast Transcript [Ed]…So many people, I think, …