Pandemic Surges in FEBC Listening Areas

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While many in the western world may be breathing a sigh of relief as Covid-19 restrictions ease and new cases plummet, in many countries it’s an entirely different story.

In early May 2021, India set a global record for new daily cases at over 400,000—far surpassing the daily cases Americans experienced at the height of the U.S. outbreak. In addition to India, other countries where FEBC works, such as Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Thailand, have all seen disturbing surges in Coronavirus cases. With local governments often overwhelmed and underprepared, the numbers may be even higher due to a lack of widespread testing.

These surges mark a drastic turning point in the spread of Covid-19, in which the virus is now taking its worst toll on the developing world. In fact, a recent report from the Brookings Institute has declared Covid-19 to now be a “developing-country pandemic.”

God at Work Through the Coronavirus

Yet, despite this dire news, we have seen God work in so many ways to bring about His will through this pandemic. As Covid-19 spread like wildfire throughout India in May, the hashtag “#PakistanstandswithIndia” became one of the top trending tweets on Pakistani’s Twitter platform. This type of solidarity is usually unheard of between two countries that have had a fraught relationship ever since they split decades ago.

In addition, listenership to Gospel programs produced by FEBC have soared in the last year, as more and more listeners are searching for hope and comfort in these trying times.

How You Can Pray for FEBC Listeners

Over time, there is hope that these surges will decline, much as they have in the U.S., as options for medical care become more available, and the chance of herd immunity grows.

However, for the time being, FEBC’s listeners and staff need your prayers more than ever. Will you take a few moments out of your day to lift them up in prayer?

  • Pray for the infrastructure of these developing countries, for enough hospital beds, respirators, and able-bodied medical staff to fight the pandemic.
  • Pray for FEBC listeners who are isolated in remote areas.
  • Pray for wisdom for FEBC broadcasters to minister effectively to hurting people. Pray, too, that God will speak through them and provide comfort and hope in the Gospel.

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