The Gospel for China (Ep. 30)

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Is the message of Christ still being heard in China? What are the obstacles and opportunities in these serious times? Ed talks with FEBC’s Chinese Ministries Director about the way the Gospel is reaching out to millions in China. The methods of outreach have changed over the decades, but the hope of Christ is still changing hearts…Until All Have Heard.

The Year of Covid (Ep. 29)

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What were you doing last year at this time? Like many around the world, FEBC listeners and staff were in COVID lockdown. During this extraordinary period of anxiety and sickness, FEBC continued to broadcast. Join Ed and Wayne as they look back and hear the way the hope of Christ brought peace to hurting souls in a pandemic…Until All Have …

Our Suffering Savior (Ep. 28)

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Why is the suffering of Christ so important to remember during Holy Week? What can we learn from believers around the world who experience joy as they face extremely difficult circumstances?  Listen as Ed and Wayne talk about the connection our suffering Savior makes with a world of pain…Until All Have Heard.

Reaching North Korea (Ep. 27)

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Hear from Billy Kim, a man who has lived out dependence on prayer over decades of ministry in South and North Korea. Listen as Ed and Wayne give updates on the new transmitter reaching deep into North Korea and hear stories of God’s provision…Until All Have Heard.

Special Deliveries (Ep. 26)

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What would it be like to bring the Gospel to a remote village that has never heard of Jesus? Find out as Ed talks with Mr. “N” who delivers radios to hard-to-reach communities, and just received a shipment of 6,000 radios. Get a first-hand report of how rural communities are being impacted through hearing the Word of God in their …

New Ways, Same Word (Ep. 25)

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Passion, boldness, courage…what keeps these traits alive and well after 75 years of ministry? Hear about the life and legacy of FEBC founder, Dr. Bob Bowman and his urgency to share the Gospel…Until All Have Heard.   Podcast Transcript [Wayne]: This is “Until All Have Heard.” I’m Wayne Shepherd. I’m with Ed Cannon, the current president of the Far East …

Then and Now (Ep. 24)

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What would it take to unlock faith for people in the social media age? Hear from long-time FEBC listeners from Russia and China who were enriched when they discovered new programs on their phones and computers…Until All Have Heard.   Podcast Transcript [Ed]: We’ve heard testimonies, Wayne, from listeners in Ukraine who say “I’m not a Christian. I’m not even …

Putting Feet to Our Faith (Ep. 23)

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Ed continues his conversation with Luke Cheng, FEBC’s new Director of US Chinese Ministries. Together they’ll discuss what it means to “deny yourself”. We’ll see how this was demonstrated by followers of Christ at key moments in Luke’s spiritual journey…Until All Have Heard.   Podcast Transcript [Wayne]: …Last time on the podcast, we met Luke Chang who is our new …