A Good Friend (Ep. 121)

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In today’s world it’s hard to know who to believe. In this podcast, Ed and Wayne introduce you to an FEBC broadcaster who has earned the trust of millions by being real with his listeners. We’ll get to meet “Yutsa” who tells how sharing his life struggles in a humble and honest way has built bridges to Chinese-language listeners. Find …

Do You Hear What I Hear? (Ep. 105)

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FEBC has been broadcasting the Gospel into China for almost 80 years. A lot has changed since the early broadcasts, but the message of Christ is still the same. As we reach out to today’s Chinese listeners, we’re working to make sure the truth is easy to understand. Joining Ed to talk about the Biblical content of our broadcasts is …

Then and Now (Ep. 24)

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What would it take to unlock faith for people in the social media age? Hear from long-time FEBC listeners from Russia and China who were enriched when they discovered new programs on their phones and computers…Until All Have Heard.   Podcast Transcript [Ed]: We’ve heard testimonies, Wayne, from listeners in Ukraine who say “I’m not a Christian. I’m not even …

Putting Feet to Our Faith (Ep. 23)

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Ed continues his conversation with Luke Cheng, FEBC’s new Director of US Chinese Ministries. Together they’ll discuss what it means to “deny yourself”. We’ll see how this was demonstrated by followers of Christ at key moments in Luke’s spiritual journey…Until All Have Heard.   Podcast Transcript [Wayne]: …Last time on the podcast, we met Luke Chang who is our new …

Turning the Page (Ep 16)

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Ed and Wayne discuss the lessons learned from facing COVID-19 in 2020 and the vision for following Christ in 2021.  Throughout the conversation Ed will share key passages that have been important for him as he prepares to step into a new year of ministry…Until All Have Heard.  

Hope for China (Ep 15)

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Ed and Wayne discuss the major challenges of 2020 and how God guided FEBC through this difficult year. We’ll hear stories from around the world about life change through the Gospel. You won’t want to miss a powerful story how COVID-19 shaped the spiritual growth of a man in China.…Until All Have Heard. Podcast Transcript [Ed]…So many people, I think, …

FEBC’s Role During the Pandemic

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Natural disasters…widespread pandemics…wars. Cataclysmic events are shocking and sudden, frightening and life-changing. So, people begin searching…to regain equilibrium…to find hope. For many, this season of soul-searching has led them to seek after God. Every day FEBC faithfully shares God’s message of love and grace with a potential listening audience of 4 billion people. And now, as countries around the world …