Atheist Doctors Find Christ Through Covid-19

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A few months ago, FEBC Russia received the following testimony from a Russian doctor sharing how she and her medical team had been listening to Gospel programming in-between calls and shifts. She does not come from a Christian background but is moving closer to Jesus every day.

It’s incredible to consider how God is touching the hearts of people in places we would never dream. The following video has been dramatized by our own ministry team, but the words you hear belong to the doctor who reached out to share her story. Be encouraged! Jesus is saving people every day.

Learn more about the mission to save Russia’s next generation. 

How You Can Help Reach the Unreached



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  1. I feel a deep love for Russian and the Russian people. Since I grew up in Communist Cuba, I used to watch Soviet movies, and somehow I knew that there was a Russia before the evil Communist revolution took over. As years passed by, my wife and I adopted two lovely Russian babies, and both of our daughters changed our lives for the better.

    I pray daily for Russia, and know that the people are open to the Gospel, because they lived under some 74 years of atheist hard dictatorship, and they know how much we need God and His Son JESUS CHRIST, the only way to Heaven ( John 14: 6 )

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