Parking-Lot Preaching in Indonesia

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In Indonesia, an extraordinarily creative way to meet with other believers for church services is occurring in a very unlikely place—a parking lot!

In cooperation with local churches, FEBC Indonesia has harnessed the broadcasting power of its radio network to organize weekly drive-in church services. Families are now coming together to worship, listen to a live message on the radio, and see each other, all the while remaining safely in their own vehicles.

Cars enter the parking lot and face a large stage where the worship team, pastor, and sound system are set up.

Dina Virgy, an FEBC Indonesia staff member, told us that worshippers honk their car horns in response to an encouraging message or heartfelt prayer. This type of interaction is a whole new way to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord!”

“The idea to meet in cars and communicate by radio is an example of the creativity that God gives us…In fact, many listeners testify to drawing closer to Jesus in this difficult pandemic season, and we thank God for media technology and the talented co-workers to make this new church event possible.”

The parking-lot preaching is continuing during the acceleration of the Delta variant of COVID-19 throughout Indonesia. Unlike the decline of the pandemic in some parts of the western world, there is not enough vaccine available in Indonesia and the already limited medical system is stretched far beyond capacity. Please pray for God’s mercy on the people of Indonesia!

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  1. Your Parking lot services is a very creative way to have a Sunday service. Like to know more about it and your organization.

    1. Post

      Thank you, Frits. Each ministry field at FEBC tries to find innovative ways to reach their respective audiences. Every country has different needs and so we try and spread the Gospel through whatever technology and means will be most effective. To learn more about how we are reaching the unreached with the Gospel, I suggest checking out our “About” page, found here:

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