Kyrgyzstan: From Chaos to Christ

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Breaking news out of Kyrgyzstan made international headlines earlier this week. On October 6, thousands of anti-government protestors and vigilante groups stormed the main political building in response to what many believe was a rigged election. Hours later the parliament voted to annul the recent election results and installed an interim prime minister until new elections can be held. Many …

75 Years of History

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 This year FEBC is celebrating 75 years of boldly proclaiming the Gospel through radio broadcasting, the Internet, and cell phone apps! We rejoice in the Lord’s faithfulness, which has been abundantly evident throughout the years of sharing Jesus Christ to the nations. Today, 4 billion people are within reach of our broadcasts every day and growing because of your partnership! We invite you to watch this video that shows …

FEBC’s Role During the Pandemic

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Natural disasters…widespread pandemics…wars. Cataclysmic events are shocking and sudden, frightening and life-changing. So, people begin searching…to regain equilibrium…to find hope. For many, this season of soul-searching has led them to seek after God. Every day FEBC faithfully shares God’s message of love and grace with a potential listening audience of 4 billion people. And now, as countries around the world …

Our Dedicated Staff

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 Our staff are incredible. They are dedicated, passionate, and brave in the face of persecution and challenges. Despite hardships like Covid-19 and more, FEBC staff never waver and rise to the challenge. This video is a thank-you to all who have followed God’s leading to work at FEBC and boldy proclaim the Gospel until all have heard!

FEBC and Covid-19

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How FEBC Is Responding While our staff are taking the necessary precautions as dictated by their local governments, our work does not stop. Special programs responding to the pandemic are already being aired, offering encouragement and the hope of the Gospel. With people around the world under quarantine, isolated, and desperately searching for hope, FEBC is uniquely positioned to reach …

Seven Generations

Seven Generations Shaped By Gospel Broadcasts

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“It all started with my great, great, great-grandmother, who first tuned into FEBC’s Liangyou Radio in China 50 years ago. Later, after being called by God to become a pastor, my great-grandfather established the Christian faith in our family. I’m the sixth generation of Christians; my children are the seventh. “Our journey of faith was not without difficulties. At a …

“You Walked Beside Me”

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“You walked beside me during the most trying times of my life.” “When I first tuned into FEBC’s radio station, my life was at its most hopeless. Suicidal thoughts occupied my mind every day. My cousin learned of my situation and traveled a long distance to visit me. He brought a small radio and recommended I tune into FEBC. “I took his advice …

The Hmong Story

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Originally from southern China, this ethnic people group numbering 3 million has been oppressed for centuries. Unrelenting persecution forced many to flee to the highlands of Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand hundreds of years ago. Many also continue to practice animism and ancestor worship, just as their forefathers did. Today, they are considered outsiders in the countries where they live, …