An International Christmas Carol

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Merry Christmas! Our FEBC broadcasters in Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asia joined together virtually to share a Christmas carol with you using local instruments! Thank you for making this ministry possible. Together, we are reaching the unreached with Gospel of Jesus Christ. Learn more about how you can pray for FEBC and our broadcasters around the world

New Evangelism Center in Kiev, Ukraine

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Serving as a regional hub for all FEBC ministry to former Soviet Union countries, our long-awaited evangelism center opened in September. The center contains a broadcast studio, conference room, and designated space for our professional phone counselors, who provide Bible-based advice. They help listeners struggling with issues like abuse, suicide, strife, and tragedies. The facility will also serve as a …

All of Mongolia On-Track to be Reached with the Gospel

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Just a few years ago there were only 4 Christians in all of Mongolia, and absolutely no Christian radio stations. Now, in addition to the 13 stations FEBC operates, 6 more are on-track to be built soon! This means the Gospel is on the verge of reaching the entire country—urban cities and even the most remote settlements! Here are just …

From Reindeer Herders to Hitchhikers: Reaching all of Mongolia

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Whether it’s a local salesman picking up hitchhikers or a nomadic family of reindeer herders, the Gospel is reaching the people of Mongolia and making a difference.   This country of around 3 million people is one of the most sparsely populated places on the planet. On average, there are only 5 people per square mile. In a country with such remote outposts and scattered minority groups, …

Unreached in Focus: Mongolia

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Thirty years ago, Mongolia was a Soviet state. Communism and atheism were the country’s official beliefs, but many also practiced Buddhism and Shamanism. There were no more than eight known Christian believers in the entire nation. During the 1989 Lausanne Congress in the Philippines, hundreds of Christian leaders and missionaries focused their prayers on Mongolia asking God for a breakthrough. …

The Whole Village Came to Faith in Jesus

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The Great Commission is inseparable from the mission of the church. While there are many lost people in every nation, about one-third of the world’s population is considered unreached. This means they have little chance of ever hearing the Gospel in their heart language unless it comes from the outside. Therefore, evangelizing the unreached is mission-critical and needs the focused …

Providing Hope for Suicidal Teenagers in Russia

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When Russian broadcaster Eugene goes on the air, he uses his background in counseling to comfort and encourage the many young listeners that tune in. Dozens of teens have shared with Eugene that they were persuaded not to take their lives after hearing about the hope of Christ. One nineteen-year-old listener named Andrey said, “My thinking changed dramatically when I …

Atheist Doctors Find Christ Through Covid-19

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A few months ago, FEBC Russia received the following testimony from a Russian doctor sharing how she and her medical team had been listening to Gospel programming in-between calls and shifts. She does not come from a Christian background but is moving closer to Jesus every day. It’s incredible to consider how God is touching the hearts of people in …