Moody Radio Listeners Help Launch 12 New Stations in Mongolia!

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FEBC Mongolia is establishing 12 new radio stations across Mongolia with the help of Moody Radio listeners. Three of the 12 stations were recently completed. In the Western part of the country, Tsetserleg city became the first to go on the air on May 24th. Two more stations in the cities of Ulyastai, and Ulaangom were launched shortly thereafter in …

The Power of a Radio (Ep. 56)

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In many countries owning a radio is a luxury. What we take for granted in the U.S., is often out of reach for millions of people living in poverty. Ed and Wayne discuss the FEBC “Give A Radio” program. You’ll hear how, together, we can bridge the gap for those who can’t buy a radio. You’ll be encouraged by the …

Real Life Radio (Ep. 43)

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What does it take to draw in listeners who are overwhelmed with bad news and spiritual darkness?  We’ll find out as Victor Akhterov, our Ministry Director for Eurasia, stops by the studio. Victor shares how FEBC is reaching out to women in very hard circumstances through the voices and stories of our women broadcasters…Until All Have Heard. You can also …

Reaching North Korea (Ep. 27)

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Ed and Wayne talk with Billy Kim, a man who has decades of ministry experience in South and North Korea. You’ll hear exciting news of how the people of North Korea now have access to the Gospel and other stories of God’s provision…Until All Have Heard.

Special Deliveries (Ep. 26)

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What would it be like to bring the Gospel to a remote village that has never heard of Jesus? Find out as Ed talks with Mr. “N” who delivers radios to hard-to-reach communities, and just received a shipment of 6,000 radios. Get a first-hand report of how rural communities are being impacted through hearing the Word of God in their …