An International Christmas Carol

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Merry Christmas! Our FEBC broadcasters in Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asia joined together virtually to share a Christmas carol with you using local instruments! Thank you for making this ministry possible. Together, we are reaching the unreached with Gospel of Jesus Christ. Learn more about how you can pray for FEBC and our broadcasters around the world

New Evangelism Center in Kiev, Ukraine

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Serving as a regional hub for all FEBC ministry to former Soviet Union countries, our long-awaited evangelism center opened in September. The center contains a broadcast studio, conference room, and designated space for our professional phone counselors, who provide Bible-based advice. They help listeners struggling with issues like abuse, suicide, strife, and tragedies. The facility will also serve as a …

The Ministry Hub (Ep. 57)

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Are you timid in your faith? What would it take to ignite a greater commitment to Christ?  Listen as Ed reports on his latest trip to our ministry headquarters in Kiev, Ukraine.  You’ll hear about the ways FEBC is sharing the Gospel to millions through radio, social media and phone counseling.  You’ll be challenged as Ed shares about our staff …

Real Life Radio (Ep. 43)

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What does it take to draw in listeners who are overwhelmed with bad news and spiritual darkness?  We’ll find out as Victor Akhterov, our Ministry Director for Eurasia, stops by the studio. Victor shares how FEBC is reaching out to women in very hard circumstances through the voices and stories of our women broadcasters…Until All Have Heard. You can also …

Christmas in Russia (Ep 13)

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Ed and Wayne welcome Victor Ahkterov, FEBC’s Russian ministry director back to the studio. Victor tells how the Biblical story of Christmas is shared in the unique cultures of Russia and Ukraine. These countries are struggling in the COVID-19 pandemic and Victor shares how celebrating the birth of a savior is so important in this fearful time…Until All Have Heard. …

FEBC’s Role During the Pandemic

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Natural disasters…widespread pandemics…wars. Cataclysmic events are shocking and sudden, frightening and life-changing. So, people begin searching…to regain equilibrium…to find hope. For many, this season of soul-searching has led them to seek after God. Every day FEBC faithfully shares God’s message of love and grace with a potential listening audience of 4 billion people. And now, as countries around the world …

Our Vision for Ukraine

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FEBC began airing programs into Ukraine via shortwave in the late 1940s, but it wasn’t until 2013 that the first local FM station began broadcasting the Gospel. Since then, God has provided six more FM stations, reaching many more with the Good News! Yet there is much left to do. Our vision for 2020 is to reach 2 million Ukrainians …