Life Change in Kyrgyzstan (Ep. 110)

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In this week’s podcast Ed and Wayne connect with our FEBC Kyrgyzstan team to hear about the ways radio reaches people with the Gospel in this region of the world. We’ll hear from Uzara, one of our broadcasters in Kyrgyzstan who tells us about the way the team makes programs for women in this part of the world. We’ll also …

Moving Mountains (Ep. 109)

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In the central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, Muslim extremism is growing. Christians face greater and greater persecutions for leaving Islam. In addition, it is culturally acceptable for a man to kidnap a woman and make her his wife. Women tell FEBC Kyrgyzstan broadcasters, “We don’t feel safe.” How do FEBC broadcasters respond to these cultural challenges? Are people still turning …

Listener Stories from Kyrgyzstan (July, 2022)

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In the mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan, radio is reaching people with the Gospel where no other means can. On tops of strategic mountain peaks, six stations have been established so that virtually the entire country can now hear the Good News. Since establishing many of the stations, letters, calls and emails have poured in from locals surprised to hear Gospel …

An International Christmas Carol

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Merry Christmas! Our FEBC broadcasters in Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asia joined together virtually to share a Christmas carol with you using local instruments! Thank you for making this ministry possible. Together, we are reaching the unreached with Gospel of Jesus Christ. Learn more about how you can pray for FEBC and our broadcasters around the world

God at Work in Kyrgyzstan

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 Kyrgyzstan is a relatively small nation nestled on the border of China in the heart of Asia. Less than 1% of this culturally Muslim nation profess Christian faith. With a population of 6.3 million, it is one of the least reached countries in the world. Yet God is at work in Kyrgyzstan in surprising ways. People are hungry for …

Kyrgyzstan: From Chaos to Christ

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Breaking news out of Kyrgyzstan made international headlines earlier this week. On October 6, thousands of anti-government protestors and vigilante groups stormed the main political building in response to what many believe was a rigged election. Hours later the parliament voted to annul the recent election results and installed an interim prime minister until new elections can be held. Many …

Listener Responses from Central Asia


Every month, FEBC is blessed by responses from our listeners all over the world. Recently, FEBC received comments from listeners in Central Asia who are wrestling with everything from divorce to financial stress. Their stories provide a valuable look into how FEBC’s broadcasts touch their lives. One comment FEBC received was from Nagiva, a 64-year-old woman from Kazakhstan, who found …