Listener Responses from Central Asia


Every month, FEBC is blessed by responses from our listeners all over the world. Recently, FEBC received comments from listeners in Central Asia who are wrestling with everything from divorce to financial stress. Their stories provide a valuable look into how FEBC’s broadcasts touch their lives.

One comment FEBC received was from Nagiva, a 64-year-old woman from Kazakhstan, who found encouragement to pursue emotional well-being.

“It already has been 28 years since the divorce,” she said. “My husband left me with four children for another woman. It was hard for me to survive with the four children. I am still not over it really. It makes me sad whenever I am thinking about it.

“After so many years already I simply cannot forgive my husband and especially his new wife. Your talk about forgiveness made me think about it. I guess you are right that it would be better even for my own well-being to forgive. In spite of all this sadness, God is good. I now have seven grandchildren who I dearly love…”

Chingyz, a listener from Kyrgyzstan, wrote to thank FEBC for their messages about financial well-being.

“Your topic of godly management of resources today was very helpful,” wrote Chingyz. “It is now already a few years since our wedding and we still paying for it. We were very foolish and borrowed quite a bit of money to celebrate with an extra affluent wedding. I guess there was a lot of peer pressure. I wish we had listened to your broadcast earlier. It would have saved us much heartache. To live within your means really is a godly way of happiness…”

In addition to sharing how they have received encouragement through FEBC’s broadcasts, listeners also reach out in order to share ongoing prayer requests and needs with the staff.

“I am 38 years old, was married for 10 years, have two sons,” wrote an anonymous listener. “There was much physical abuse from my husband during our marriage, mainly due to alcohol. Divorce seemed to be the only option. Now, with the boys getting bigger, there are additional problems. Their father is turning them against me. The situation seems to be hopeless. I am praying for a miracle. Maybe your God can help me…”

FEBC’s teams across the world do so much more than share one-way radio messages. FEBC’s staff work hard to respond to listeners and help meet their needs.