The Hope of the Gospel – with Rudi Wiens (Ep. 150)

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When good friends get together, amazing conversations happen. That’s what’s in store for today, when Ed and Wayne got to meet up with veteran FEBC broadcaster Rudy Wiens. Rudy has spent years proclaiming the Gospel in Russia and now in Central Asia. Listen in on this in-depth discussion of the highlights of decades of ministry and the challenges for broadcasting …

An International Christmas Carol

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Merry Christmas! Our FEBC broadcasters in Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asia joined together virtually to share a Christmas carol with you using local instruments! Thank you for making this ministry possible. Together, we are reaching the unreached with Gospel of Jesus Christ. Learn more about how you can pray for FEBC and our broadcasters around the world

Listener Responses from Central Asia


Every month, FEBC is blessed by responses from our listeners all over the world. Recently, FEBC received comments from listeners in Central Asia who are wrestling with everything from divorce to financial stress. Their stories provide a valuable look into how FEBC’s broadcasts touch their lives. One comment FEBC received was from Nagiva, a 64-year-old woman from Kazakhstan, who found …