Holding Onto Faith (Ep. 191)

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It’s easy to take for granted the amazing connections FEBC has around the world. In this episode we want you to get an inside look at how these connections are maintained and grown. Along the way we’ll learn how we can stay connected with believers in faraway lands. Join Ed and Wayne as they fill us in on the recent …

Hello, Teacher (Ep 19)

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What can awaken an appetite for God’s word in a non-Christian nation? We’ll discover how FEBC works to satisfy the hunger of those seeking truth. Ed and Wayne will talk with Jonathan Mortiz, our staff member who will share responses from Thailand about the FEBC Bible Correspondence Course…Until All Have Heard.  

A Joy To Serve (Ep 9)

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Jonathan Mortiz always says, “It’s my joy to serve.” Originally from the Philippines, Jonathan oversees our broadcast ministry to the remote regions of Thailand. In this episode, Ed and Wayne give you an up-close look at dedicated servants like Jonathan who invest their lives proclaiming the Gospel…Until All Have Heard.