What 6,000 Radios Look Like

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High up in the mountainous border regions of Thailand are some of the least-reached people groups in the world. Of the entire Thai population, 88% are still considered unreached (unlikely to hear the Gospel in their lifetime), while only 1% are Christian. Reached only by small dirt paths, barely wide enough for two lanes of foot traffic, reaching some of …

Reaching North Korea (Ep. 27)

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Hear from Billy Kim, a man who has lived out dependence on prayer over decades of ministry in South and North Korea. Listen as Ed and Wayne give updates on the new transmitter reaching deep into North Korea and hear stories of God’s provision…Until All Have Heard.

Special Deliveries (Ep. 26)

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What would it be like to bring the Gospel to a remote village that has never heard of Jesus? Find out as Ed talks with Mr. “N” who delivers radios to hard-to-reach communities, and just received a shipment of 6,000 radios. Get a first-hand report of how rural communities are being impacted through hearing the Word of God in their …