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Pastor Sergey, Bible Program Host for FEBC Ukraine, shares how God has used him during the war: 

“Before the war began, I was living in Kyiv with my family and hosting one of FEBCUkraine’s main Bible programs. It was amazing to see people responding to the Gospel and giving their lives to Christ. But when the war came, things jumped to a new level.   

“People were in shock. This war made no sense. They were looking for anything to make sense. That’s when I started to go live on air, open up the Bible—especially the Psalms—and just read.   

“People who had never listened to my program before were suddenly in desperate need of answers and were willing to look seriously at the Bible for the first time.   

“Many were in shock. This is in the Bible? The Bible says this? How does it know how I feel?   

“We faced many hardships during the war. When it started, I sent my family away for their safety. But I felt that it was my duty to stay in Kyiv. 

“I was there when there were 40 miles of tanks heading towards Kyiv. When we, as civilians, walked through the streets keeping an eye out for Russian soldiers. When we hid in the basement of our church during bombings.”   

Called Into Service

“I remember the day I was called into service as a military chaplain. It was frightening, but I knew that God was with me.   

“I was recently sent to an area where the fighting was fierce. It was different than I expected. Harder…and more rewarding. The soldiers are in great need, the pressure they are under is unimaginable.   

“I do what I can. I support them, encourage them, pray with them. And, most importantly, share Christ with them. Many are giving their lives to Christ. God is working powerfully here!”   

The Need for Prayer

“But many of these same soldiers are losing their lives every day. We desperately need your prayers.   

“I thank God that I have the opportunity to continue broadcasting whenever I am in Kyiv. I am able to share what I am learning and address the needs that I am seeing personally, every day.   

“I am paying a personal cost in this war, as is the entire nation. What I would ask is that you join us—join us in your prayers. God is doing incredible things.    

“Please pray for me, that I may be of service to these brave men. That that I may share the Light of Christ with them and see many souls saved while this bloody war continues. And that I may continue to be used by God to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nation of Ukraine.” 


Please continue to pray for our Ukrainian broadcasters who are sharing the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ, and thousands are responding. The work is exhausting, and funding to continue and expand is needed right now.

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  1. As you courageous broadcasters share the Gospel, May the Spirit of truth convict the soldiers of their sin and of the righteousness and judgment of God.
    May He grant repentance.
    Shalom to you on this Sabbath day

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  2. I daily pray for the brave people of Ukraine and FEBC as you share the gospel with them. I pray this war will end.

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  3. Praying for you and all the Ukrainian soldiers, civilians, pastors, broadcasters, chaplains, and families!

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  4. I have been praying for Bethany Baptist Church in Bucha ever since our missions pastor unexpectedly took off for Ukraine 2 years ago just because God told him to. He followed the Holy Spirit’s leading with no real plans. The hand of God led him to Pastor Sergey -who is different than this Pastor Sergey- but one who loves God and his people in Bucha/Kiev just like the Pastor Sergey of this article. My heart breaks for Ukraine’s people. Russia’s innocent citizens are ensnared by ruthless leaders. My own country is so very flawed too. It is grievous witnessing such narssisic people rise to power with devastating consequences. Only Jesus Christ is worthy to be our faithful Leader. One day, although believers from all over have never met, our Lord will bring us all together. The realization of how many prayers for those we don’t even know have been brought before our Lord, will be finally understood, and although we personally may have not seen anything, it did and does magnificently break spiritual strongholds. I believe in miracles. I believe God is in control. I believe His Love conquers all. Prayers to God is the most powerful weapon ever when love is it’s ammunition.

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      Thank you, K. We are praying for protection over your pastor in Bucha, and hope that these conflicts around the world will cease soon.

  5. Greetings to our friends in FEBC Ukraine. We have been following your story since the start of the year. Congratulations on the 10 year extension of the Kyiv license: it’s a huge answer to prayer and a huge opportunity too.

    Our church here in Sydney Australia is Windsor District Baptist Church, and we have been doing some fundraising. We are privileged to see that 200 radios have been given out to soldiers and refugees on our behalf.

    I encourage others to get behind FEBC as it hands out radios and Bibles so that people can read and hear about the hope that believing in Jesus offers.

    I would like to read Sergey’s update in church this Sunday, and show one of your videos. I think it will help our folk understand more and pray more precisely.

    Keep up the good work, all of you. God is doing amazing things through your 7 stations. Radio is such an effective medium and goodness knows how much everyone in Ukraine need some real Good News.

    God bless you all. If you’d like to share a story or two with me, that would be great. 😊

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      Thanks so much for Windsor District Baptist Church’s efforts to bring the Gospel to Ukraine! We are so appreciative of your congregation’s efforts, Mark!

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