February 23rd

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Today, pray for people living in Belarus, a country that has struggled with political and economic crises. In this region, our programs are heard on social media, which is effective at reaching larger audiences. Pray that many will hear and accept the Good News and share their faith with family and friends.

February 22nd

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Turmoil continues in Myanmar, as a result of the military junta and the ongoing impact of the pandemic. Please pray for this country and its people. Pray, too, for the church there.

Khmu Listener Stories

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Over 100 Khmu children gathered for a Christian youth camp put on by FEBC staff last year in Thailand, where broadcaster Samuel* encountered two young listeners with extraordinary stories.   The Khmu are a small ethnic minority of just under 900,000 people living throughout the highlands of southeast Asia. Over 70,000 Khmu are Christians and most are listeners of FEBC …

February 21st

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In Hong Kong and China, FEBC has trained up many Bible study leaders and pastors through LiangYou Bible Institute, a rigorous online program that prepares participants to be Christian leaders. Despite ongoing challenges in China, pray that nothing will hamper this program from preparing leaders to be tomorrow’s pastors.

A Time to Serve and Speak (Ep. 178)

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Every day our news feeds are filled with horrific headlines from around the world. It’s hard to keep from getting sucked into despair. In these hard times, we all need some encouragement to stay on track. In this episode Ed and Wayne open the word for clear direction from the apostle Peter to a first-century church facing dark times. You’ll …

February 20th

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Praise God for the launch of two new ethnic broadcasts in India. We’re told that there’s a large listenership to these programs. Pray that it will reach the hearts of many. Pray, too, for staff and volunteers managing their helpline to meet the needs of people calling in for encouragement and support.

February 19th

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Please pray for Ulanbek, the director of FEBC Kyrgyzstan, as he leads the team. Though the country was once very closed to Christianity, and is once again seeing more radicalization, people are coming to know the Lord despite all the risks. Please pray for Ulanbek as he travels, for his family, and for protection for the staff as they continue ministering to the people of Kyrgyzstan.

February 18th

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A listener in Russia told an FEBC broadcaster: “Through your broadcasts, God healed my heart, and I changed!  Now I have a great relationship with God, and I am moving forward in my life!” Praise God for His healing power and the gift of His Son, Jesus.

February 17th

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Take a moment to thank God and praise Him for the millions of people all over the world who have tuned into FEBC today and heard the Good News. Thank the Lord for the seeds that have been planted, and for those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior! May the Gospel continue to be proclaimed… until all have heard.

February 16th

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Many ethnic groups in Southeast Asia speak a language other than the national language of their home country. FEBC has long offered ethnic language programs to reach people in their native tongue, and currently broadcast in 107 ethnic languages. Pray that many will hear the Gospel and respond.