June 27th

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Praise God for the eternal impact of 14 Christian radio stations in South Korea! Listeners are sharing feedback about their relationship with Jesus Christ and their restored faith. Pray for many more people to place their trust in Him.

June 26th

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Pray for the people of Indonesia. Over 80% of the population practice Islam, and more than 190 million people living there are unreached. May the Lord direct our broadcasters as they share the Good News with listeners. Pray also for new believers to share their faith with family and friends.

June 25th

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Over 1.4 billion people live in China. Many of them have never heard the Gospel. Our goal is to reach them. Please pray for FEBC’s staff as they seek God’s direction with program development, and as they talk and pray with listeners who are interested in learning more about Christ.

A Voice in the Philippines (Ep. 196)

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How do you reach a country with 180 different languages and cultures? We’ll get the details on the way FEBC has stayed “close to the listener” in the diverse nation of the Philippines. Ed and Wayne welcome the former director of FEBC Philippines, Dan Cura for this important conversation.  Dan will give us the details about the 75-year relationship that …

June 24th

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Pray for the those living in Buddhist dominant Thailand. Please ask the Lord to guide our team as they share the Good News with thousands of unreached listeners of all ages. May the hearts of the Thai people be open to the love of Christ.

June 23rd

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Pray for the Gospel message to continue reaching the unreached in North Korea. May the Lord guide our staff as they share Gospel broadcasts and help new listeners come to faith in Jesus Christ.

June 22nd

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Today, pray for the millions of unreached people living in Mongolia. Pray for the Lord to guide FEBC’s team as they build relationships with those in need. Ask God to bring spiritual healing and for more listeners to come to faith.

June 21st

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Praise God for the lives being changed in Chad through the power of the Gospel! Amid political strife in the country, thousands are connecting with FEBC’s broadcasts. Please pray for a great harvest of souls to come to faith in Jesus.

June 20th

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Please pray for the growing ministry in the Buryat Republic in Russia, near Mongolia. Locals there practice a mixture of Buddhism, Animism, and ancestral worship. Our team is receiving encouraging testimonies and producing short videos with pastors from the area. The videos have been viewed several million times—praise God!

June 19th

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Please pray for exhausted listeners seeking hope in Ukraine. “I used to think I was strong,” said a listener named Karina. “Now, I’m living in a new place, all alone. I’m barely scraping by. I really want to go home, but that’s where the war is.” Karina prayed with FEBC’s follow up team. “Thank you. I feel so much better. I think I will try going to church—I’ve never been there before.” Please pray for listeners like Karina, who are discovering Jesus Christ through FEBC’s programs.