Foundation of Faith (Ep. 195)

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How do you translate the age-old message of Christ to a new generation that communicates with new technology? That’s the question we’ll look to answer today. Jonathan Mortiz sits down for an interview with Phairot, who teaches through our ethnic language ministry with the Hmong people group in Southeast Asia. With the help of a translator, we’ll hear Phairot share …

June 17th

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Please pray for the 19 unreached people groups in Cambodia. Listeners there may connect with FEBC programs via FM radio, shortwave, and social media. Ask for God to guide our team as they balance support and content creation for each of these channels — to reach the unreached.

June 16th

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Did you know FEBC broadcasts in 42 languages from our shortwave transmitters in the Philippines? Please pray the transmitters continue to broadcast clearly and for the Lord to guide our team as they proclaim the name of Jesus to listeners.

June 15th

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Take a moment to thank God and give praise for the millions of people all over the world who have tuned into FEBC today and heard the Good News. Thank the Lord for the seeds that have been planted, and for those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior! May the Gospel continue to be proclaimed… until all have heard.

June 14th

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For over 25 years, Gospel broadcasts have been reaching people groups, like the Khmu in Southeast Asia. Thank God for the thousands of Khmu Christians that have grown spiritually over the years and shared Jesus with their remote communities.

June 13th

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Praise God! Our team has made progress with meeting listeners in India and distributing Speaker Boxes. May our Gospel programs bless each listener and help make new disciples of Jesus in this Hindu majority nation.

June 12th

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Please pray for the unreached people of Japan. A listener recently shared, “It’s been 5 years since I discovered FEBC broadcasting. Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to it. I can endure even the toughest days because I believe that God loves me and is with me!”

June 11th

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Kyrgyzstan is traditionally a Muslim nation. Pray for hearts of unreached listeners to be open to the message of the Gospel. Also, pray for the dedicated staff hosting live talk shows and producing creative social media content to reach more people for Christ.

A New Chapter for Thailand (Ep. 194)

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We received an amazing comment from a listener in Thailand: “Through your programs my family and I are growing in faith and changing for the better.” In this episode we’ll learn what it takes to have this kind of life-changing impact on listeners in a largely Buddhist nation. Join Ed and Wayne as we hear another report from the recent …

June 10th

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Please pray for the people of China and our FEBC Hong Kong staff. Also, pray for God to protect and raise up strong leaders from the student population of LiangMu Bible Institute – a FEBC training program for pastors and church leaders. May the Lord continue to use this ministry to reach more people in mainland China.