Listener Feedback (September, 2021)

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Listeners in some of the most remote areas of Southeast Asia often write to share their stories of how Christ has transformed their lives after listening to a shortwave Gospel broadcast. Here are several:


“I live in Laos with my family. I was once married, but my husband and I broke up. I was distraught but my father, who listens to FEBC, encouraged me to join him so I could learn about God. I finally came to faith and decided to start a new life. I studied the Bible along with your broadcaster and got to know FEBC very well. I thank God for your radio program.”

UNDISCLOSED REGION OF SE ASIA (Due to security concerns)

“I came to know God through FEBC’s radio program, and I have believed in Him ever since. I thank God every day that His words fill me like a wonderful meal. Besides listening to the radio, we also access your broadcasts through Facebook. The programs offer us biblical knowledge and encourage us to serve God. I want to thank Him for providing a great program that inspires us to live each day for Christ.”

HMONG (a transnational group throughout SE Asia)

“Hello, my name is Bee, and my wife and I have two children. We have listened to Hmong Radio FEBC for over a year. It is a program that encourages us—we cannot miss it! We always tune in to the program when it is on, even when we are working in the fields. It is a friend that goes everywhere with us, a pastor that is always near.

“When we have problems we know we can call the broadcasters to get advice. Thank you for the love that you show us, and thank you to everyone that supports the programs. May God bless you.”

One of the Only Ways to Hear about Jesus

Shortwave Gospel programs are often the only way ethnic groups learn about Jesus. When a program comes on the air, villagers often stop their work and gather around a single radio. For many, the familiar voice of the broadcaster becomes a trusted friend.

However, it takes an astonishing amount of electricity to power shortwave signals, and this electricity must be purchased to keep the Gospel on the air….

Will you consider giving generously today to continue reaching people with the hope of the Gospel in some of the most isolated and persecuted countries in the world?

How You Can Help Reach the Unreached


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