FEBC and Covid-19

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How FEBC Is Responding

  • While our staff are taking the necessary precautions as dictated by their local governments, our work does not stop. Special programs responding to the pandemic are already being aired, offering encouragement and the hope of the Gospel.
  • With people around the world under quarantine, isolated, and desperately searching for hope, FEBC is uniquely positioned to reach even more with the Gospel during this time. People need the peace and encouragement that can only be found in Jesus Christ.
  • We’re seeing unprecedented numbers of people tuning in via radio, downloading special programs from the web, reaching out by phone, emails, text, and letters during this time of crisis. We know the Gospel is the most important message people need to hear: for this life and for eternity.
  • All of our major broadcast facilities are operating and expected to continue to be on the air barring unforeseen regional issues. This is being monitored country by country.

Our Staff and Their Safety

  • Praise the Lord, as of now no cases of coronavirus have been reported among our staff in any of the 50 countries we serve. Our staff in the U.S. and around the world are closely following the instructions from their respective governments. Many of our staff are working from home, and are well-prepared to continue broadcasting the Gospel, despite the pandemic.
  • Emergency broadcasts for many countries have been produced, and are being distributed via social media, internet and radio.
  • Be assured that our listeners continue to have access to FEBC Gospel programs of hope and encouragement. Barring unforeseen circumstances, we do not expect this to change.

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