“You Walked Beside Me”

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“You walked beside me during the most trying times of my life.”

“When I first tuned into FEBC’s radio station, my life was at its most hopeless. Suicidal thoughts occupied my mind every day. My cousin learned of my situation and traveled a long distance to visit me. He brought a small radio and recommended I tune into FEBC.

“I took his advice and have been listening ever since. In the past two years, you walked beside me during the most trying times of my life. When I was too ashamed to face God and at the brink of abandoning my faith, you gave me confidence and strength, helping me turn to God and asking for His forgiveness. When I was hurting and weak, you offered me encouragement, helping me find the courage to continue living. I am indeed grateful to you.

“You saved my life and showed me a path to a new one. You uprooted the ugliness and selfishness in my heart so that the love of God and His kindness could enter in once again. I know your broadcasts help others just like me turn away from their sins and follow the Lord. Thank you so much!”

A Grateful Listener

Letters like the one above pour into FEBC offices by the thousands each year. While people’s circumstances vary, a constant theme runs through each letter: gratitude to God and FEBC for sharing news that changed their lives. People of all backgrounds—Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Taoist, Shintoist, Shamanist, Confucian, animist, atheist, agnostic—hear about God’s redeeming love and realize that He is the only One worthy of worship. In Him, they find hope and love and life everlasting.

We invite you to continue reading and see how your prayers and support have helped transform the lives of people from such countries as China, Korea, and Mongolia. These are just a handful of the 50 countries where FEBC is heard. Together, we serve God, the only One who truly has the power to change hearts!

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