Growing Indigenous Leaders

Each of our broadcasters are fully committed to one message: The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

At FEBC, demand for local indigenous leaders is twofold. We not only need new people to replace those who move on, we require more leaders to meet the world’s growing need for Gospel Truth. It’s critical that we prepare those who will carry Christian broadcasting well into this century. Without them, the very future of our mission is at stake.

Much will be asked of new leaders. The responsibilities that come with modern broadcast ministry are as wide as they are deep – from planning and budgeting, to broadcast programing and managing a workforce. We can’t assume that a passion for Jesus, as foundational as that is, will turn new recruits into fully-formed leaders. It takes time and training to prepare people for leadership and FEBC is committed to this path.

Regardless of background, there are fundamental qualities we look for in all emerging Christian leaders: a passion for Jesus, strong values, Christian character, faithfulness and loyalty. A willingness to go the extra mile. Those traits are as old as the Gospel, but more needed than ever.

We must prepare this next generation of indigenous leaders, so that one day they take their places in their own communities, cultures and world at large, as Christian broadcasters committed to sharing the Gospel Truth.

The Shan people of Myanmar as some of the most staunchy Buddhist people in the world. Watch this video to hear a local evangelist share his vision to reach his community…
“I just have this joy to record programs to help get the Gospel to the Shan people, my people.”