The State of the Gospel in Japan

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As one of the most developed nations in the world, Japan is surprisingly unreached with the Gospel. Only 0.8% of the population are professing an evangelical Christian faith. This tiny number is declining as fewer young people are coming to faith in Christ. With every passing year, the average age of Christian believers is creeping higher. If this trend continues, …

The Teaching that Doesn’t Lead to Death

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Mu-Ling was desperately seeking for truth. Like the rest of the Shan people—an ethnic group in northern Thailand and Myanmar—he was Buddhist and his home was filled with idols. Yet he knew there had to be more. In his own words, he was seeking “the teaching that doesn’t lead to death.” These are people who may live their entire lives …

Reaching the Unreached

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There are certain places in the world—even entire countries—with so few Christians that they have a special status: Unreached. These are people who may live their entire lives never meeting a single Christian … right now, there are 3.2 billion of them. How are they going to hear what Jesus has done for them? Who is going to reach them? Your gift …

Rica Rahim’s Testimony

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In Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, Rica Rahim’s Christian friend stood out. He had “a life of peace” and was so happy—so at ease. Rica wanted to know why. Maybe it could help temper the anxiety and fear she felt stirring in herself… Rica’s story of finding Christ shows just how powerful one Christian witness can be, even in …

God at Work in Kyrgyzstan

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 Kyrgyzstan is a relatively small nation nestled on the border of China in the heart of Asia. Less than 1% of this culturally Muslim nation profess Christian faith. With a population of 6.3 million, it is one of the least reached countries in the world. Yet God is at work in Kyrgyzstan in surprising ways. People are hungry for …

Kyrgyzstan: From Chaos to Christ

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Breaking news out of Kyrgyzstan made international headlines earlier this week. On October 6, thousands of anti-government protestors and vigilante groups stormed the main political building in response to what many believe was a rigged election. Hours later the parliament voted to annul the recent election results and installed an interim prime minister until new elections can be held. Many …

75 Years of History

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 This year FEBC is celebrating 75 years of boldly proclaiming the Gospel through radio broadcasting, the Internet, and cell phone apps! We rejoice in the Lord’s faithfulness, which has been abundantly evident throughout the years of sharing Jesus Christ to the nations. Today, 4 billion people are within reach of our broadcasts every day and growing because of your partnership! We invite you to watch this video that shows …

Our Dedicated Staff

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 Our staff are incredible. They are dedicated, passionate, and brave in the face of persecution and challenges. Despite hardships like Covid-19 and more, FEBC staff never waver and rise to the challenge. This video is a thank-you to all who have followed God’s leading to work at FEBC and boldy proclaim the Gospel until all have heard!