Indonesian Listeners Share Stories of Struggle

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A desperate father from Indonesia recently contacted his local FEBC station, and asked for prayer: 

“My name is Ruly. I’ve been a FEBC Indonesia Radio (Heartline Radio) listener for three years. I listen on my cellphone, which is great, because I don’t even have a TV or any other way to listen. I am disabled, and have to stay at home, due to a pinched nerve. Because of that, my activities have been limited, and I’ve had to stay at home for almost a year.  

“I currently live with my two children, Nathan and Ruben. My wife passed away years ago. Two of my four children are married and one of them converted to Islam after getting married to a Muslim family. Now, another one of my sons, Ruben, is dating a Muslim woman. I feel that this is a test of faith for me, and I’m asking for prayer on his behalf. Ruben’s fiancé is asking him to convert to Islam, but I’m advising against it, and think that it would be preferable to end things amicably. My son appears to be very close to and in love with this woman, so this is a very hard situation. I ask for your prayers that God will guide my son in this choice.

“Pray also for my son Nathan who is getting married this year as well, so that his arrangement may go smoothly. Please pray that my pinched nerve will heal so that I can resume my daily life. Since I’ve been ill, I have not been to church very much and I miss it. Thank you FEBC Indonesia for visiting and praying with me. May the Lord Jesus bless you.” 

Listeners like Ruly often feel so isolated in their faith. As a Christian in the largest Muslim nation in the world, connecting with fellow believers is key for Ruly and so many others to grow in their faith. This is also true of a second listener who wrote in, named Casto:  

“I work as a salesperson for a company that sells household appliances. Right now, business is really tough, and I am not making any income. This started because of the pandemic, and I have been really struggling.  

“At 11:00 PM each night though, I tune into FEBC Indonesia Radio (Heartline Radio) where there is a prayer program where people pray for each listener’s struggles. I shared my prayers and struggles, and thanks be to God, my request was heard, and people began to pray for me. The radio team followed up with me afterwards and prayed for my difficulties as well. I’d like to thank the FEBC Indonesia team for encouraging me and sharing a few blessings with me. 

“Thank you for your concern for me, and for the care I feel from the FEBC Indonesia team. May God continue to use and bless the ministry and the work you are doing. Amen.” 

Please keep Ruly and Casto in your prayers, as well as the many others listening through FEBC Indonesia’s radio network of over 100 stations.  

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  1. Lord I ask for a miracle of complete healing for Ruly. Please open Ruben’s eyes to the dangers of marrying into Islam. I ask that Nathan’s marriage be abundantly blessed & centered on You. Please pour out the windows of Heaven onto Casto. Please prosper him.

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  2. God to be with these two men. one who is suffering a pinched nerve with issues with his children marrying outside of the faith. encourage him . Get him well and i pray for changed hearts with children. Just as Casto prayers were heard may it be so with Ruly. i do pray also a way to attend church also. in Christ name🙏🏻💞

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  3. Dear Ruly, you have to read the bible passage to him about being unequally yoked.(2 Corinthians6:14). It will be a very difficult and disastrous union. Yes, I know this from personal experience. My sister married a Muslim and lives in Jakarta. I pray for her soul! The enemy of Christ is prowling around to take away our salvation all the time. I will pray for the Lord to take away his desire to be with this girl. May Jesus appear to him and set him straight!

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