Historic Times in Ukraine

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As snow falls, Victor Akhterov travels through the countryside of Ukraine. He sees destruction all around him, and people living in fear of the future.

But as he moves from city to city, Victor can’t help thinking about what the FEBC Ukraine team recently showed him. They have never seen anything like it…

Today, FEBC’s Ukrainian broadcasters are sharing the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ, and thousands are responding. The work is exhausting and this ministry needs your financial support right now.

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  1. May the LORD of heaven and earth bless these dear people who are suffering, each in their own way. May a day is coming from heaven that Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats. And let the Ukrainians know that this land of theirs will be filled with the glory of the LORD. A great revival of the LORD is coming to your precious people who are watching eagerly for His appearing. Come, LORD Jesus!

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  2. Yes we know it’s a very terrible and horrible situation in Ukraine people . Because they are suffering and facing very huge task. Being a part of FEBC team. My prayer always with Ukraine people. Who are facing very difficult situation. May God help them and provide his provision.
    We give all glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Pastor Faiz Francis
    From Pakistan

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  3. Lord thank You for miraculously sustaining & strengthening the people of Ukraine. Thank You for all the new listeners. Keep blessing FEBC abundantly. Please water the seeds planted in hearts. What the enemy has meant for evil, You are using for eternal good. We know Jesus’return is soon & this encourages all of us Your people. We love You.

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  4. Praise the Lord – many are turning Him.
    Do you have a adequate follow up program for the new Christians? Please tell how you are doing.

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      Thanks for your question. Yes, each FEBC field creates different broadcasts focusing on answering listeners’ spiritual questions, and connecting them to a local body of believers and a local church, if there is one in their area.

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