Ukraine ‘Street Interviews’ 1-Year Anniversary

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At the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, FEBC’s broadcasters are asking everyday Ukrainians how the war has affected them. How has the suffering of the past year affected their view of God? Honest responses from Christians and non-Christians underscore the deep spiritual needs of Ukraine during such a time as this.

Our Ukrainian broadcasters are sharing the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ, and thousands are responding. The work is exhausting and we are burning through resources quickly. Your financial support is needed now.

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  1. May all their hearts be softened to God, to know that He does care for them, that this is the not end, but simply a part in the Almighty plan. That our real lives are hidden in Christ. To let them know that He was there, right all along, preparing a place for them in heaven. I pray that even tho they don’t understand, that they’ll let that thought go, and to just trust in Gods care & sovereignty. I pray for all the volunteers and people providing help for them, that the Lord will strengthen them physically and spiritually as they too might start having the same doubts. I pray for the soldiers as they fight a war that maybe they don’t believe in or even know why they are fighting. I pray for their minds, souls, spirits and bodies to be held close to God. I pray for all the families who’ve lost loved ones as they ask God why? I pray they are comforted by the Holy Spirit even tho the answer isn’t what they want. I pray for all the believers who are praying for these people and giving of their abundance, and some of their lack. In the end, we will all know the complete answers. For now, I pray that we all just trust & look forward to our heavenly home. If only for a little while longer, may we all be strengthened. In Jesus name, Amen

  2. God allows things like this war to show all people that they need to depend on Him, regardless of the situation. I’m sure, because of what I’ve heard coming from FEBC and other ministries, that many have come to faith in Jesus because of this. Their short term loss has been replaced by an eternal reward.

  3. Nothing is impossible when you put your trust in God. He is with you no matter what and this war will end one be strong and take courage in Jesus name amen ❤️

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  4. Matthew 6:33 nothing impossible God always love us no matter what happens to us.We need to be faithful.God love you Jesus said be faithful Matthew 24:35 we pray everyday for you brothers and sisters…

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