Pray for Inna (8-31-2022)

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Today we are asking for prayer for Inna, an FEBC Ukraine broadcaster, whose weekly prayer meetings were recently featured in a story on our website, found here.

Inna has a special passion for reaching listeners. She often spends her time after broadcasts talking with listeners online and meeting them in person. Inna has also been holding women’s brunches in cities across Ukraine over the last several weeks, as well as hosting online prayer meetings.

“I get together listeners, most of whom are not believers, for an informal brunch where we can talk, share our hearts, and I can share about my relationship with Jesus.”

Prayer requests from Inna:

“Please pray that God gives me strength and energy, as I travel from town to town across Ukraine.”

“Please lift up the women who attend the in-person meetings I host to open their hearts to the Lord. Some believing friends have come with me to help build relationships and invite the women to church.”

“Pray for those who join us for our online prayer meetings. Some of the stories that I hear are so heartbreaking. Please pray that God gives me the right words to say.”

For more ways to pray for the people of Ukraine, watch this video of Inna praying for peace in Ukraine.