Pray for Eugene Lebedev (8-3-2022)

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We are highlighting FEBC Ukraine staff members and how you can support them through prayer. Here is the latest FEBC Ukraine Prayer Highlight:

Please pray for Eugene Lebedev, FEBC Ukraine’s senior technical officer. Eugene offers technical and programming support for many of FEBC Ukraine’s projects, including the prayer helpline, the new online counseling ministry, and the website, among many others.

Eugene helped make sure that FEBC Ukraine could stay on the air after the war began, and is now handling the technical preparation for FEBC Ukraine to begin broadcasting in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Please pray for:

  • Safety, provision, and strength for Eugene, his wife, and their six children; they are currently living in western Ukraine after fleeing their home in the east
  • Time and energy for Eugene, as he handles technical issues for many projects
  • The setup and preparation for the upcoming debut of FEBC Ukraine’s programming in Kyiv, on 89.4 FM

Photo seen below: 1) Eugene and other members of FEBC Ukraine in front of a bombed out building.

For more ways to pray for the people of Ukraine, watch this video of Inna praying for peace in Ukraine.


Comments 6

  1. Eugene is one of those ,all important, behind the scenes, people . Thank you for what you do.
    Lord, I lift up Eugene and his family. I ask that you protect them and lead them to walk in your shalom. Thank you, that you are their “Good Shepherd” and they will be lead in paths of righteousness. They will lie down in green pastures. They will come to places of still waters. Their souls will be refreshed and restored. Even today in Ukraine they will not fear for He is with them. Thank You Jesus that you are their Good Shepherd. Amen
    I know that there are many around the world praying for you but more important than that, there is a loving and able heavenly Father hearing these prayers.

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      Thank you, Ed. Our team in Ukraine is working tirelessly to advance the Gospel. It is so inspiring to see their dedication to the Lord’s will.

    2. Heavenly Father,you are in control of everything and it is in your will,command,and protection that Eugine,his family,and all the others will be sheltered by your loving arms for no weapons will prosper against your people..Give them Lord their needs and remind them always that their labor is not in vain.

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  2. Dear Eugene and family,

    I prayed “Amen” to the prayers above. I pray for you through Intercessors for America, which publishes daily updates from Intercessors for Ukraine. I also pray through FEBC’s Prayer Target and am excited about the new station in Zaporizhzhia (although I can’t pronounce it!) and the upcoming debut of FEBC Ukraine’s programming in Kyiv, on 89.4 FM! I prayed from the beginning of the invasion that all 7 stations would stand. I believe one went down for awhile but now it seems all 7 are up and running and now Kviv will have new programming, too! May God continue to flourish His work and proclaim His word throughout your brave and wonderful country! Jessica from Long Beach, California. USA P.S. I am a wife, mother and grandmother so I send special love and greetings to “Mrs.” Eugene and your 6 children! May the experiences they are going through make them powerful witnesses to the truth, faithfulness, and provision of Jesus in every circumstance in life!

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