Pray for Nina (4-14-2022)

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Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting FEBC Ukraine staff members, detailing how you can support them through prayer.

Please pray for Nina, who oversees the counselors and volunteers who operate our prayer helpline in Ukraine. People have been calling in almost nonstop since the conflict started in February. Counselors have been working into the night, manning phones to provide hurting Ukrainians with hope.

“Please pray that God continue using the helpline in greater and greater ways,” said Nina, “reaching more people with the love of God and helping them find new life in Jesus.”

Please also pray for:

  • An end to the war, which is on all the minds and hearts of our broadcasters and listeners
  • Wisdom asNina manages the team of counselors and volunteers across Ukraine
  • Emotional and spiritual strength for the counselors, who are ministering to severely stressed callers while dealing with many of the same issues themselves
  • Our listeners, who are calling the helpline in desperation. Please pray for their salvations and for God’s comfort and help in their lives
  • An end to the interruptions in connectivity that are making the job more difficult for counselors

“On a personal note,” added Nina, “please pray for protection and health for my family.

“And especially pray for my daughter who is getting married soon. May God protect and greatly bless her and her future husband!

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  1. Lifting these specific requests up to Jesus! And lifting up your daughter and her upcoming marriage. Thank you for all you do!

  2. The author K Hanna said: In love we find out who we want to be; in war we find out who we are. You have been found to be strong and resilient. I pray your daughter will find the person she wants to be and the person she is, also strong and resilient. Praying for all your family. Hold fast!

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  3. Nina I prayed right down the list for every request you listed. And for your daughter and cuter husband. God continue to keep you all safe as you council people and share the Gospel of Jesus.

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  4. God Bless your family & you Nina. This war on Ukraine is heartbreaking.
    Thank you FEBC for being there and to you Nina may the Lord be with you
    wherever you go. With love PaPa Jim & Carol

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