All of Mongolia On-Track to be Reached with the Gospel


Just a few years ago there were only 4 Christians in all of Mongolia, and absolutely no Christian radio stations. Now, in addition to the 13 stations FEBC operates, 6 more are on-track to be built soon!

This means the Gospel is on the verge of reaching the entire country—urban cities and even the most remote settlements!

Here are just a handful of stories from grateful listeners in Mongolia whose lives have been changed by Christ:


“Hi, I am Mairagul. I am Kazakh, but I’m living in the Khovd province of Mongolia with my mother. I am one of only a few Christians out of my entire extended family. My mother is a Christian too, though. I love to read my Kazakh Bible. Sometimes, my non-Christian relatives want me to pray for their business or other issues going on in their private lives. When this happens, I am very glad to mobilize them to pray together. I know I am here on this earth to declare Jesus as my Lord to all of my family!”


“My name is Tungalag and I am over 70 years old. I live alone in Ulaanbaatar (the capital of Mongolia) because all of my children live abroad. Awhile ago, I was given a radio by FEBC Mongolia. It’s now a true friend, especially during the pandemic when I cannot go to my local church.

“I spend all my time at home. Sometimes I feel alone, but the radio helps me not to feel as lonely or get depressed. I often turn on the radio to listen to worship songs, and the messages that come on at midnight. I also started to take the [theological program offered by your station] and I am progressing nicely. I am so happy to be growing in my Biblical knowledge!”


Byambajav wrote in to our station recently to tell us she regularly listens to the Bible teaching program called Thru the Bible. She is a calligrapher and many customers come to ask her to write in Buddhist scripts, but she refuses. When her friends and colleagues often ask why she doesn’t take these orders, she says she feels it is against what she believes as a Christian.


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