Providing Hope for Suicidal Teenagers in Russia

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When Russian broadcaster Eugene goes on the air, he uses his background in counseling to comfort and encourage the many young listeners that tune in. Dozens of teens have shared with Eugene that they were persuaded not to take their lives after hearing about the hope of Christ.

One nineteen-year-old listener named Andrey said, “My thinking changed dramatically when I began listening to these [Christian programs]. But the real transformation in my life happened when I came in contact with believers, and eventually joined my church.”

Andrey first listened to several programs online, then was invited to a Christ-centered church in the Siberian city where he lives. “I just got baptized…I’m so thankful for being introduced to my Savior.” Praise God for what he is doing in the hearts of young people like Andrey in Russia!

Learn more about the mission to save Russia’s next generation. 

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