We communicate the Good News among the nations by media
to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.


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FEBC is a Charter Member of ECFA and has a 96% Accountability and Transparency rating by Charity Navigator.
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Receive listener stories from around the world

46 Countries

102 Languages

147 Stations


Two Million Responses,
Last Year Alone!

FEBC broadcasts are heard in 102 languages and 46 countries around the world aired from 147 stations and transmitters, totaling 770 hours of programming a day/365 days a year. But numbers only tell part of the story. Far more important are the lives impacted by our global radio network that shares the Good News of Jesus Christ with a potential listening audience of 3 billion people. We know listeners are tuning in, because of the many text messages, emails, phone calls, letters and visits we receive. In 2014 alone, we heard from over 2 million listeners, many of whom attest to changed lives.  The common thread running through these responses is hope found in Christ, a hope that is transforming lives. And these numbers don’t even include the tens of thousands of listeners who respond through our website and Social Media.

Reaching Ethnic People Groups

Committed to reaching the remote, FEBC has been training and using indigenous programmers for many years, for the purpose of reaching people in their native language.  More than two thirds of FEBC’s total programming is delivered by nationals in 60 different ethnic languages. Regardless of the language, radio is an excellent way to reach people in almost any location or circumstance.  It not only breaks the barrier of illiteracy for those who cannot read, it’s the perfect vehicle for those living in cultures and countries that oppose Christianity.  While someone seeking to know more about Christ from a Buddhist or Muslim culture would be reluctant to open their door to a Christian, they would privately listen to a radio or Internet program in their quest for the truth.

2014 Was a Huge Year for the Gospel!

In 2014, we opened several new stations. Every year, FEBC distributes thousands of portable radios to those unable to purchase their own. Last year, partners joined us in a campaign for the hardest to reach people groups to give 30,000 more people a chance to hear the Gospel. Our station in eastern Ukraine was tragically bombed and destroyed, but partners responded and that transmitter has now been restored. We heard life-changing stories from Lida and Chann in Cambodia, who represent the thousands who can hear Sunday broadcasts again. These are just a few of the milestones that were achieved last year through FEBC broadcasts.