We continued our remarkable expansion in Ukraine this year, thanks to you! Two new stations opened in Pokrovsk and Maryinka. This brings the total to seven new stations added since 2015. Each one offers hope in different regions to millions impacted by the debilitating war in eastern Ukraine.

We receive 1,000 listener responses a day from people who tune into our Russian and Ukrainian programs, such as Dmitry:

“My life is forever changed because of your ministry. I began listening to you shortly before I was wounded by a bomb blast in my town. It was then that I decided to serve the God I heard about on the radio. Today, all my family is in church. Thank You!

Our most urgent focus next year is building an Evangelism Media Center in Kiev, which will include well-equipped recording studios providing 24/7 audio and video feeds to dozens of radio stations, social networks, and web ministries. The space will also allow us to create video programming to reach millions more.

The new Evangelism Media Center will allow us to broadcast the Gospel to millions of Ukrainians and Russians for decades to come!

Videos and Stories from Ukraine

Vera’s Story of Finding Hope

It was a surreal moment as we stood there in this church, with people talking happily around us and music playing in the background, all the while this woman poured out her story of how she had tried to kill herself…

A Vision for Ukraine

In May of 2014, explosions rocked the hillside where our radio tower stood in the city of Slavyansk, Eastern Ukraine. But today, FEBC is part of the healing process in Ukraine.

Overview of Ukraine Infographic

As the tension in the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to rise, are you struggling to understand the two countries? Take a look at this infographic on Ukraine, and how you can pray for the country.     Share This Resource To embed this infographic on your...

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