FEBC’s Thailand team has seen lots of fruit from the Bible Correspondence Course they offer to local listeners. Here are powerful testimonies that FEBC’s Thailand team received from listeners this month.

“Before [listening to FEBC’s programs], I was a depressed person,” said Ma, a listener from the Nonthaburi province. “I was in prison and did not have a good support system. I was lonely, like a ship in the middle of the ocean, drifting away. I did not have a solid home to go back to or anyone to depend on.

“Since I accepted Christ into my heart, I felt reborn. I have a new life! Many things in my life have been happening unexpectedly by God’s grace. There are now always friends to help… I am at peace now and no longer depressed. God has taken that away.”

Khun Suhat is a listener from the Phitsanulok province. Like Ma, Khun Suhat has seen a radical change in life after deciding to follow Jesus.

“My life has been better daily. From having no hope and being lost in my life, I now have more peace as a result of studying these lessons…

“I want to give my thanks to all of the programmers who share God’s word. I am thankful for being able to study these lessons. It has made me more patient and I now know the way to be saved from sin. It has made me trust in the Lord so He can lead me daily.”

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