Background on South Korea


Government: republic
Capital: Seoul
Population: 48.9 million – Korean, homogeneous (except for about 20,000 Chinese)
Religion: Christian 31.6% (Protestant 24%, Roman Catholic 7.6%), Buddhist 24.2%, other or unknown 0.9%, none 43.3% (2010 survey)
Language: Korean, English (widely taught in junior high and high school)

FEBC in South Korea

In December 1956, HLKX Seoul was established to broadcast the gospel to North Korea, China, Russia, and Mongolia, countries where missionaries were not allowed.  Since then, FEBC Korea has grown into a major Christian radio network broadcasting to 11 cities in South Korea.


Reaching People
Since 1956


33.6 Million South Koreans
Do Not Know Christ


11 Cities Receive
FEBC Broadcasts

South Korea Ministry Highlights

Broadcasting MinistrySouth-Korea-Children

FEBC Korea broadcasts a total of 260 hours in Korean, 7.25 hours in Chinese, 1 hour in English, 1.25 hours in Japanese, and .5 hours in Russian each day from the following stations:

  • Incheon HLKX AM 1188 kHz (100kw) Established in 1956 as a high-powered AM station targeting North Korea, China and Russia; Seoul HLKX FM 106.9 MHz (5kw) Established in December 2000, serving Seoul.
  • Daejeon HLAD FM 93.3 MHz (5kw) first FM station in Korea, established in December 1989, serving the city of Daejeon and central South Korea.
  • Changwon HLDD FM 98.1 MHz (5kw)  Established in March 1996, serving the city of Changwon in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.
  • Mokpo HLKW FM 100.5 MHz (1kw) Founded in April, 2001, serving the city of Mokpo in southwestern Korea.
  • Yeongdong HLDY FM 90.1 MHz (3kw) The first Christian radio station, established in August 2001, serving the city of Yeongdong in the northeastern region of South Korea.
  • Pohang HLDZ 90.3 (3kw)  Established in November 2001, serving in the southeast coastal city of Pohang, a major industrial complex of South Korea.
  • Ulsan HLQR FM 107.3 MHz (3kw) Established in February 2002, serving Ulsan on the southeast coast between Busan & Pohang. This region is predominantly Buddhist.
  • Busan HLQQ FM 93.3 MHz Established in April 2008, serving Busan, the second largest city in South Korea, but with a relatively low Christian population.
  • Jeju HLAZ AM 1566 kHz (250kw) Established in June 1973, located on the southern island of Jeju.  Programs air in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean 22 hours per day.
  • Daegu FM 91.9 MHz Established in November 2010, serving the southeastern city of Daegu with population of 2.5 million. This city is predominantly Buddhist.
  • Gwangju-HLED 93.1 FM (1kw) – Established in May 2012; reaches 2 million in Gwangjiu

Community Development

In addition to their broadcasting ministry, FEBC-Korea is also involved in the community through marriage and family seminars, counseling, concerts, Children’s Choirs that serve as international ambassadors, and follow-up with listeners.

Listener Response

In 2012, 924,504 listeners called, emailed, texted or visited our offices in Korea.

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