In the isolated villages of Southeast Asia, people like the Khmu rely on radios to hear the Gospel message.

One of our Khmu broadcasters, Kye*, prepares radio broadcasts and then sends them to the Philippines to be broadcast to his people in Southeast Asia.

He recently told us these stories about the power of radio in his community:

Today, the world is moving away from the radio, particularly shortwave radio.  But the Khmu are not moving away from it.  For the Khmu, the radio is still a great tool for them to listen to FEBC’s broadcast.  

“Every night at 9 P.M. there are thousands of people listening.  Many of them call to express their appreciation for the program; men, women, and children. I pray daily for FEBC’s shortwave to continue as long as it can, as it’s the only way to reach this people group.”

Shortwave can travel much farther distances than FM radio, so it can be used to transmit from a country like the Philippines that allows evangelical broadcasting, into countries that are hostile to the Gospel.


Stories from Shortwave Listeners in Southeast Asia

As Kye mentioned, we receive many calls and letters of appreciation from our listeners. Here are just a few of our listeners’ stories, shared by Kye and others.

“Pastor B.* is a faithful listener to the Khmu program. He calls me almost every night at 9.PM. He finished reading his Bible 2 rounds in one year! He remembers all the chapters and verses that I preach daily on the air. He is excited when I tell people I never got to study the Lao language in school, but I still am able to read and write by learning on my own. Pastor B. is also the same as me, with little or noeducation. Yet he took his radio, USB drive with messages/songs, and CD messages to witness to nearby villages. This year, he was able to lead 25 people (5 families) to Jesus! There are many Khmu Christian leaders who listen to the broadcast who are uneducated, but God is able to use them to bring many people to accept Jesus Christ!”

–  Kye, our Khmu Broadcaster

“Dear teacher Kye, I am listening to your radio program everyday throughout the past 3 months. I loved your message that you preached on John 2: 1-9 about being obedient to whatever Jesus tells us to do. This message impressed me a lot. I also used your CD messages, gave radios to the people, and witnessed to many people. So far, 27 people have accepted Jesus Christ. I am giving an offering of 20,000 kip (2.50 USD) for the Khmu program.” 

– From pastor S.L.*

“Dear teacher Kye, whom I love and respect in the name of Jesus Christ. First of all, we thank you that you gave us 4 radios to 4 widows in P.H. Church. Since then, we have been listening to it every day. We have almost not missed a single program. You challenge us in many issues before you present your messages. You also mention our names on the air. It is so precious to hear our names, and it has touched our hearts.

 “I commit my life to Jesus, and whether I die or live is up to the Lord. Please pray for me because my son-in-law and daughter want me to leave their house, and force me to stay with my nephew. My son-in-law is not a good man. He loves to drink, and do bad things. The reason that my daughter and son-in-law want me to leave is because he is a soldier. He is afraid that his boss will know that his mother-in-law is a Christian, and they will not promote his rank.”

–  From Mrs. K.

(In this village, there are 4 faithful widows who are listening to Khmu program every day and often call Kye.)


*names changed to protect identity



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