Cassim’s Hope After a Lifetime of Suffering

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One day as a young boy in Mozambique, Cassim Sande was accidentally left unattended by his mother near the charcoal fire they used for cooking.  

Cassim wandered too close. When his mother found him lying next to the fire, she thought he was dead.

Cassim sustained such severe burns to both of his legs, the doctors decided to amputate. Sadly, in Mozambique, people with disabilities are often marginalized. They face daily challenges in life, mostly because there is little effort to accommodate their disabilities and grant easy access to the things they need every day. 

In Cassim’s case, his parents decided they couldn’t handle his disability needs, and abandoned him as a small child. Because of this, Cassim struggled his whole life trying to feel secure in himself, and cope emotionally with his disability.  

But recently, Cassim discovered a program called Voice of Love from FEBC Mozambique, which broadcasts stories and messages from the Gospel helping people overcome hardships. After listening, Cassim called in to the FEBC station and asked to learn more.  

“He is very talented and educated, but he had no hope until he heard Voice of Love FEBC Mozambique’s National Director, Bright Sonjera, said.  

After learning more about Jesus and the Bible, Cassim made the decision to accept Christ as his personal Savior. Now Cassim openly shares his testimony with anyone he meets. 

Testimonies like Cassim’s pour into FEBC offices around the world every day. There are countless unreached people who need the love of Jesus. Some are marginalized ethnic groups who have no Gospel programming in their own language. Others are unreached because of disabilities, like Cassim. Programs like Voice of Love in Mozambique, and other FEBC programs seek to give hope and teach people about the peace that can be found in Christ.  

Please join us and pray that Cassim’s story will help others find their hope in Christ.  

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  1. What an inspiring story. Lord, please keep glorifying Yourself through Cassim. Use him to give others hope. Thank You for this remarkable young man.

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    2. Thank You Lord that I have a brother in Cassim. Please keep blessing & using him to Your glory. I think of how You’ve used Nick Vucinich to reach so many. Pour out Your grace on Cassim too. 🙏💕

  2. Wow what an an amazing story of God’s love! Thankful for the people who persist in proclaiming the good news to the poor and marginalized.

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  3. These stories of people who have faced incredible hardships beyond the norm, and by God’s unending Grace and Love, they learn about Him and open their hearts to His salvation and presence…they are miracles. And glory to our God for knowing each and every person and seeking them out like lost sheep. I cannot imagine what Cassim has endured into his adult life..but he has the Hope of Glory ahead of him and a face-to-face welcome from the Lord who sought him. It would be a miracle but I wish he could meet Nick Vujicic, the Australian evangelist, who has no arms or legs and preaches the Gospel all over the world. What a blessing and encouragement that would be for Cassim. If God wants it to happen, it will. May God continue to watch over and provide for this man until He comes to take us home

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  4. A heartfelt and warm story of Cassim’s. God is great all the time and faithful and infinitely kind to us his children.

    I’m incredibly touched by Cassim’s story and would like to get involved in any way possible.

    Does your organization has any presence here in Zambia, Central Africa?

    Katongo Musukuma are my names. I’m an educationist,humanitarian and entrepreneur. Zambian based Central Africa.

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