Making Disciples in Cambodia

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Like most countries in Southeast Asia, many people live in remote, unreached villages. The Gospel may be known to a few people, but pastors and local churches are few and far between, and pastoral training and discipleship is often unavailable.

Recently, our staff in Cambodia conducted outreach to some of these remote communities through what they called a “Disciple Making Movement” seminar. FEBC staff used their expertise to share how groups in remote villages could cultivate community-based small groups, based on Biblical principles. The participants were excited to deepen relationships with other believers in the community, as well as reach non-believers by inviting them to their meetings.

One listener shared, “Thank you for this second [Discipleship] class. I was so happy to get some ideas on how to seek the person of peace and some strategies to start a small group in the community. I’ve learned prayer is the most important part of mission preparation and evangelism. I thank God for giving us a good time. I will practice taking care of my small group and will continue to seek out Jesus. God bless you, teachers.”

Several other listeners of FEBC Cambodia’s programs wrote in to tell us how God’s presence has made a difference in their lives:

“I got encouraged a lot by hearing your broadcasts. Many programs are the spiritual food that helps me find the truth and salvation of God. The program “Encouragement Word” by Darlene Sala, reveals the keys to living in Christ Jesus and the way a believer should walk with Christ. My life is full of unhappiness and sometimes despair, but the words of encouragement I get from God’s truth are my hope. God bless you for producing good content to inspire both believers and nonbelievers.”

“When I got Covid-19 and was staying in the hospital, being able to hear the Gospel on the radio gave me such strength. I still have fear, anxiety, and loneliness. But I praise the Lord, because I feel like I have a close friend on the airwaves, who is always giving me a word of hope, and a word of encouragement that keeps me strong. I know that Jesus is with me all the time. Thank God for giving me this radio to be my friend.”

Please continue to pray for these listeners to grow in their faith, and for local Christian small groups to spread in unreached areas of Cambodia.

You can help deliver the Good News across Cambodia, to millions of people who may have no knowledge of the life-changing power of the Gospel. 

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