Unreached in Focus: The Mon

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Most of the Mon people live in Myanmar, a country just south of China, and a small minority also live in Thailand. Their population numbers over 1.2 million, with 85% following the Buddhist faith, and only 0.9% are Christian.

The Mon have a deep history in Southeast Asia. Living primarily in villages, most Mon make a life as farmers, merchants, or craftsmen. Rice is their main crop, grown for trade and consumption. Mon men may be skilled in carpentry and brick-making, while women learn pottery and basket-making.

Religion is very important to the Mon people. Some practice a mixture of spirit worship and Buddhism, and others are animists, who believe good and evil spirits inhabit non-living objects. They are an unreached people…most of whom who have never heard the life-changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Will you join us in praying for them?


  • For the unreached Mon people to come to faith in Christ
  • For Mon believers to boldly share Christ with their own people
  • For media outreach to the Mon to be fruitful
  • For strong Christian fellowship to grow among the Mon
  • For spiritual breakthrough, removing the mindset of “Christianity is a religion from the west”


Gracious Father, we lift up the Mon people to you. May your Holy Spirit move through the hearts of the unreached and bring them to a saving faith in Jesus. Please give courage to Mon believers to share the love of Jesus with their own communities.

Lord, we ask You to bless media outreach efforts to the Mon for Your glory. We also ask for Christian fellowship to grow and gain strength in every single village.

Father, please move in power to bring a spiritual breakthrough within the Mon culture that removes the mindset that Christianity is only a religion from the west. Thank you for loving us and hearing our prayers. May your love continue to spread…until all have heard!


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  1. Thank you this is so helpful We need the West to get hungry for God too. Hope we able to gather group together for Alpha next week at our retirement village. Blessings Joyce fowler

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