Breaking News out of Kazakhstan!

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Breaking news out of Kazakhstan this week has drawn the world’s attention. What started as massive protests turned violent, resulting in burned out government buildings and a request for Russia to send troops to quell the uprising. Violence has only escalated since then. Because FEBC Kazakhstan has a ministry presence in the largest city, Almaty, we asked our team to give an update. In this video, recorded on January 6, 2022, Rudi Wiens shares details on the situation, along with background on the country, and gives specific prayer points for all believers.

Recent Update from Rudi Wiens as of 1/10/2022:

“Just wanted to pass on information about our team in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The Internet is up again (to some extent), so I was able to get in touch with [FEBC’s ministry director] and others. Our people and office have not been directly affected by the unrest. Thank God for that.

“The situation has calmed down. Police check points are everywhere. Nevertheless, people are afraid to go out. Many stores are still closed and other [stores] are out of most essential food, etc. We realize that it will be of some challenge for the immediate days ahead of us. But we hope, things will improve soon. Thanks for your prayers. We will keep on praying for better days…”