Impact Update – June 2021

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“Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear…” (Mark 4:9).

Jesus often repeated this phrase at the end of His parables. Not everyone who heard Him understood His teaching—some had no desire to understand—but He invited them all the same. People whose hearts were open to the Good News of the Kingdom learned and listened. Seeds were planted and some blossomed into saving faith.

This has not changed. The heart of Jesus is still inclined toward the unreached in our world. He’s still the shepherd who goes after the lost sheep. It’s our great privilege to join Jesus in what He is doing, which is why I’m eager to share this short video with you.

This Impact Update video describes how your help has made a difference, and how God is continuing to work among those who have never heard. I pray you’ll be deeply encouraged and inspired. As God leads you, please forward and share this with others!

Until All Have Heard,

Ed Cannon, President and CEO


How You Can Help Reach the Unreached

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